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2017.1.11 Market forecasts on Head-Mounted Display (VR、AR/MR) – Emerging HMD market in 2017 and the new core technologies for display toward 2020 –
2014.6.27 Worldwide Automotive Glazing Market Research — Request New Functions for Advanced Windshield Addition to In-Vehicle Comfort —
2013.7.5 An Era of Supervision Cluster to Emerge in Automotive Market = Expanding Supervision Cluster Using Active LCD = Approx. 300% Increase of Market Size in 2020 with 35,900k units from 12,040k units in 2012
2012.6.21 Next Generation Head Up Display Coming to Automotives — Emerging Next Generation Head Up Display (HUD):HUD Market Reached to about 690 k units in 2011, and Its Market Size Will be Growing to about 4,650 k units by 2016 —
2012.5.9 Embedded and Small Projectors Taking a Next Step to Go — Cell Phone with Projector Spreading to New Areas; Embedded and Small Projector Finding New Applications Out —
2011.9.28 Projector Technologies Move to Next-generation — Evaluate Market Potential for Short Throw and Solid State Light Projectors —
2010.11.20 3D Movie Given a Boost to the Global Digital Cinema Market — Global Digital Cinema in 2010 Reaches to About 35,000 Screen w / Penetration Rate 30% —
2010.5.26 Projector Market in to Second Growth Phase: Lamps to Go Green and 3D — Announcing a Market Report Focuses on Short Throw Projector, 3D and New Light Source (LED/Laser) —
2010.1.21 Embedded and Small Projector Market Has Entered Expansion Phase — Mobile Phones and Digital Still Cameras with Embedded Projector Have Emerged —