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Market Breakdown of Camera Phone – 2nd Half 2017 & 1st Half 2018Forecast –

Pub Date Jun. 2018
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This report "Market Breakdown of Camera Phones" is a marketing report that mainly covers on the global markets for camera phones and their components, namely, CMOS sensors, lens modules and camera modules. It is a multi-client survey report created for the purpose of helping companies engaged in camera phone related businesses understand the global market trends accuracy and plan marketing strategies accordingly. 
I. Executive Summary
    1.Camera Phone Market Trend By Sensor Type (2015-2022F)
    2.Rear Camera Resolution Trend (2015-2022F)
    3.Front Camera Resolution Trend (2015-2022F)
    4.Actuator Market Trend (2015-2022F)
    5.Multi camera Market (2015-2022F)
    6.Camera Phone Market Trend By Half (2H 2017- 1H 2018F)
    7.Camera Component Supplier (Rear & Front Camera) (2H 2017-1H 2018F)
    8.Camera Component Maker Share (Rear & Front Camera) (2H 2017-1H 2018F)
    9.Camera Phone&Componet Supply Chain (2018F)
    10.Camera Phone Vendor Topics
    11.Camera Conpnent Topics (CMOS, CCCM, LCM, Actuator, etc)
    12.Technology Trend
    13.CMOS shipments for non-Brand Fearturephone with Camera (Whitebox or Gary phone)
    14.Entry Supplier List
II. Camera Phone Market
    1.Camera Phone Market
    1.1.Camera Phone Market Trend  (2015-2022F)
    1.2.Camera Phone Maker Share (2017-2018F)
    1) Camera Phone Ratio by Major Handset Supplier
    2) Major Camera Phone Brand Main Camera Resolution Mix 2018F
    1.3.Smart Phone Market Trend  (2015-2022F)
    1) Smartphone Ratio Maker Share (2017-2018F)
    2) Smartphone Resolution Trend (2015-2022F)
    3) Smartphone by Area (2015-2022F)
    1.4.Multi camera Market  Trend (2015-2022F)
    1.5.Major  Camera Phone Vendors Overview
III. Device Market for Camera Phone
    1.Area Image Sensor Market (Rear & Rear Camera Sub & Front  & Front Camera Sub)
        1.1.CMOS Area Image Sensor Market Trend (2015-2022F)
            1) Sensor Revenue for Camera Phone -2016-2018F-
            2) By Half (2015 - 2018F)
        1.2.CMOS Area Image Sensor Market Trend by Resolution (2015-2022F)
            1) Case1
            2) Case1 By Half (1H 2015-2H 2018F) 
        1.3.CMOS Area Image Sensor Market Trend (2017-2018F)
            1) CMOS Area Image Sensor Maker Share  (2017)
            2) CMOS Area Image Sensor Maker Share  (2018F)
            3) CMOS Area Image Sensor Maker Share  (1H 2017)
            4) CMOS Area Image Sensor Maker Share  (2H 2017)
            5) CMOS Area Image Sensor Maker Share  (1H 2018F)
            6) CMOS Area Image Sensor Maker Share  (2H 2018F)
        1.4.Supplier Overview
            1) Sensor Supplier Topics
            2) Supplier Overview
            3) CMOS Sensor Product List
            4) CMOS Sensor Trend
    2.LCM (Lens Camera Module) Market 
        2.1.LCM Market Trend by Composition (2015-2022F)
            1) Case1 By Half (1H 2015-2H 2018F) 
        2.2.LCM Maker Share (2017-2018F)
            1) LCM Maker Share ( 2017)
            2) LCM Maker Share ( 2018F)
            3) LCM Maker Share (1H 2017)
            4) LCM Maker Share (2H 2017)
            5) LCM Maker Share (1H 2018F)
            6) LCM Maker Share (2H 2018F)
        2.3.LCM Supplier Overview
            1) LCM Supplier Topics
            2) Supplier Overview
    3.CCM (Compact Camera Module) Market
        3.1.CCM Maker Share (2017-2018F)
            1) CCM Maker Share (2017)
            2) CCM Maker Share (2018F)
            3) CCM Revenue -2015-2018F-
            4) CCM Maker Share  (1H 2017)
            5) CCM Maker Share  (2H 2017)
            6) CCM Maker Share  (1H 2018F)
            7) CCM Maker Share  (2H 2018F)
            8) Multi camera CCM Situation
        3.2.CCM Supplier Overview
            1) CCM Supplier Topics
            2) Supplier Overview
    4.Camera Phone Market with AF & OIS Function
        4.1.AF & OIS Function Market Trend
        4.2Camera Phone with AF & OIS  Share by Brand
        4.3Camera Module with Mechanical AF & OIS Share
        4.4Mechanical Actuator Maker Share
        4.5Major VCM Supplier Capacity
        4.6Supply Matrix
    5.OIS Market Trend
        5.1.Camera Phone with  OIS Share
    6.Reflow Module 
        7.1Baseband List
    8.Entry Suppliers for  Camera Phone Module
    9.Cost Structure of Camera Module
        9.1.CCM by Resolution, Lens Composition
        9.2.CCM Price Trend 
    10.CMOS shipments for non-Brand Fearturephone with Camera (Whitebox or Gary phone)
IV. Supply Chain
    1.Handset - Lens - Sensor - Module (Rear & Front Camera)
    2.Supply Matrix-1 (Main & Sub Camera) (2017-2018F)
        1) CMOS and Handset
        2) CCM and  Handset
        3) CMOS and CCM
        4) CCM and LCM
        5) Major 8 Camera Phone Vendors Case Study 
        6) CMOS & CCM Matrix  (1H 2017)
        7) CMOS & CCM Matrix  (2H 2017)
        8) CMOS & CCM Matrix  (2017)
        9) LCM & CCM Matrix  (1H 2017)
        10) LCM & CCM Matrix  (2H 2017)
        11) LCM & CCM Matrix  (2017)
        12) CCM & Handset Matrix (1H 2017)
        13) CCM & Handset Matrix (2H 2017)
        14) CCM & Handset Matrix (2017)
        15) CMOS & CCM Matrix  (1H 2018F)
        16) CMOS & CCM Matrix  (2H 2018F)
        17) CMOS & CCM Matrix  (2018F)
        18) LCM & CCM Matrix  (1H 2018F)
        19) LCM & CCM Matrix  (2H 2018F)
        20) LCM & CCM Matrix  (2018F)
        21) CCM & Handset Matrix (1H 2018F)
        22) CCM & Handset Matrix (2H 2018F)
        23) CCM & Handset Matrix (2018F)
V. Supply and Demand Balance
    1.Main component Monthly Production Capacity  2H 2016-2018F (CMOS, Lens, Camera Module, VCM)
    2.Divergence Between Sensor Shipments and Camera Phone Shipments
VI. Appendix
    Major Camera Phone Product List