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Marketing Analysis of Projection Business
– Transition of Value-added Projector and New Market creation by Projection Technology –

Pub Date Jan. 2017
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The report describes both of Front Projector market where makers runs a projection business mainly, and of the new market where the projection technologies are newly applied. First of all, regarding the Front Projector, the report analyzes how the market will be affected by the current value-added technologies such as a short-throw, Solid State Light (SSL) and 4K, and what is the true value in each applications of projectors. Second, the report describes the emerging markets such as Head-Mounted Display (HMD) and Head-Up display (HUD) markets. Third, it is pointed out that Projection technology has an advantages of utilization of Light Field Technology (LFD) which is a key for Multi-view stereoscopic image technology. 
  1. A true value-added products in Front Projector market, and an optimization of the products
  2. How projection makers implement value-added technologies?
  3. Market Forecasts on new application markets such as HMD (VR/AR/MR), HUD and Light Field 
      Display (LFD)
I. Summary
    1. Executive Summary
    2. Application Maps of Projection Business and New Application’s Effects for Projector Market
    3. Market Potentiality of Projection Business
II. Marketing Analysis for Projector Business
    1. Existing Entry Manufacturers Map by Product Layer
    2. Projector Market Transition in the Past 15 Years (2000-2015): Turning Points for Projector Market
    3. Impact of Key Technologies for Conventional Projector and Key Components Market
    4. Technology Advantage of Front Projector by Usage Scene
    5. New Functions for the Value Add Projectors by Usage Scene
III. Projector Makers Trend
    1. Product Coverage Maps by Projector Manufacturer
    2. Relationship between Product Coverage and Sales Amount of Projector Business
    3. Approach of Each Projector Maker for the Value Add Projectors in the Past 5 Years (2010-2015)
    4. New Function for the Value Add Projectors by Projector Manufacturer
IV. New Application Markets of Projection Technology
    1. New Markets of Projection Technology Outlook
    2. Details on Each Market
        2.1. Head-Mounted Display (AR/VR) Market
        2.2. Head-Up Display Market
        2.3. Light Field Display Market
        2.4. Other Application Markets