Automotive In-Cabin Sensing Systems Market Analysis 2023-2024

Pub Date Nov. 2023
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Executive Summary
    1. In-Cabin Sensing Systems Market 2023-2024 - Current Status and Anticipated Market Change Points
    2. In-Cabin Sensing Systems Volume Trends by Application
    3. In-Cabin Sensing Systems Value Size Trends by Application
    4. In-Cabin Sensing Systems Volume Scale Trends by Key Product Type
    5. In-Cabin Sensing Systems Value Scale Trends by Key Product Type
    6. In-Cabin Sensing Systems Market-Related Trends (e.g. Regulations, Promotion Projects)
    7. In-Cabin Sensing Systems Market Trends (Detailed)
    8. In-Cabin Sensing Systems Installation Scenarios
    9. Trends by Geographical Region
    10. Features of In-Cabin Sensing System Prices by Region
    11. Summary of laws and Regulations by Region
    12. Analysis of In-Cabin Sensing System adoption by major car OEMs (adoption status and direction by region and product)
    13. Tier 1 Manufacturers' Share of In-Cabin Camera Systems (Y2023-Y2024 Forecast)
    14. Tier 1 Manufacturers' Share of In-Cabin Radar Systems (Y2023-Y2024 Forecast)
    15. Tier-1 MAP of the In-Cabin Camera System
    16. In-Cabin Sensing Systems Market Overview
I. Market Trend Analysis of In-Cabin Sensing Systems
    1. Overall Market Trends
        1-1. Overall Market Trends
        1-2. Market Trends by Overall Market Classification
        1-3. Safety Standards & Regulatory Scenarios for In-Cabin Sensing Systems
        1-4. Market Trends Related to In-Cabin Sensing Systems
        1-5. Market Trends in In-Cabin Sensing Systems by Region
    2. In-Cabin Sensing Systems Market Long-term Trend Data
        2-1. Long-term Trend Data for In-Cabin Sensing Systems
        2-2. Long-term Trend Data for In-Cabin Sensing Modules
II. Trends in Manufacturers Participating the In-Cabin Sensing System Market
    1. In-Cabin Sensing Systems Tier 1 Trends
        1-1. In-Cabin Sensing System Tier 1 MAP
        1-2. Tier 1 Manufacturers' Share of In-Cabin Cameras
        1-3. In-Cabin Radar Tier 1 Manufacturers' Market Share
        1-4. Tier 1 Manufacturer's Individual Data Sheet
    2. Tier 2 (Sensor Module) Manufacturer Trends
        2-1. Major Tier 2 Market Share
III. Key Device Trends in In-Cabin Sensing Systems
    1. Status of Participation of Major Component Manufacturers
    2. Trends by Key Device
        2-1. Camera Image Sensor Trends
        2-2. Lens Module Trends
        2-3. SoC Trends
        2-4. AI Software Manufacturer Trends
        2-5. Reference Data: Major Device Price Trend Data
IV. Scenarios for Future Product Development and Promising Applications of In-Cabin Sensing Systems
    1. Development Trends in In-Cabin Sensing Systems by Application Category
    2. In-Cabin Sensing System Development Trends by Product Category
    3. Development Trends of Participating Players by Each Supply Chain
        3-1. Current Status and Future StRategies of Major Car OEM Initiatives
        3-2. Current Status of Initiatives and Future StRategies of Major Tier 1/Tier 2 Manufacturers
    4. Referense Data: Trends in the Development of In-Cabin Camera with Changes in Sensing ECU/architecture
    5.  List of advanced technologies Related to In-Cabin Cameras/Sensing
        5-1. In-Cabin Sensing Systems Suitability of Sensors for different Applications
        5-2. In-Cabin Sensing Systems Application correlation chart by use
    6. Legislation, guideline Developments and predicted Changes in CMOS Image Sensors
        [Comparison of CIS Types]
    7. Mobility-Related Initiatives on EEG
V. Trends in Car OEM Installation of In-Cabin Sensing Systems
    1. Major Car OEMs' Share of Installation Rates
        1-1.  Share of Major Car OEMs with In-Cabin Camera Systems
        1-2. Share of Major Car OEMs with In-Cabin Radar Systems
    2. Main Car OEMs Individual Sheet for In-Cabin Sensing Systems
        2-1. MAP of In-Cabin Camera System Adoption by Major CarOEM/Brand
        2-2. List of locations where In-Cabin Camera Systems are Installed by Major CarOEM/brand
        2-3. MAP of In-Cabin Camera/Sensing System Adoption by Major CarOEM/Brands
        2-4. Main Car OEM Individual Data
    3. List of In-Cabin Sensing System Installations by Car OEM and the Model
    4. Event list of ADAS/AD Camera and Sensing Systems (Worldwide)