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Full Version Marketing Report : ARMR Market 2023

Pub Date Aug. 2023
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A virtual experience is one of the hot markets typified by ‘Meta Verse’. Users experience it used VR technology at present. This VR’s hardware is a goggle type. This goggle format imposes a usage condition user when they access to virtual space. Thus, VR is limited for usage scene. For upgrading usability in virtual experience, the most of makers develop the glassware used AR and MR effects. AR and MR can generate an unintentional virtual experience for users. The existing stage of ARMR glassware remains an accessory market. And mainstream market has been commercial market yet. Also, market size has been limited volume so far. But many developers expect ARMR glassware as the next generation mobile platform. We should find out expansion factors of ARMR glassware market in this survey.

[Main Theme : The Market Breakthrough of AR and MR]
Study 1 : Makers’ Approaches for Increase chances of ARMR glassware from web trends in 2020s 
Study 2: Optical Platforms and Core Technologies by growth step of ARMR glassware market
[Research Coverage]
● AR Smart Glass Market
● MR Headset Market
● VR Goggle Market
● Core Components in xR Market
Optical Platform (Birdbath Optics, Hologram Optics, Light Field and Others)
Micro Display Market (TFT/LCD、OLED、LCOS、DLP、μLED)
Light Source (LED, Laser)
Diffraction Optics (Optical Waveguide, HOE/Holographic Optical Element)
Optical Components (Pan Cake Lens, Meta-Surface Lens Materials)
I. Summary
    1. Definition and Product Category in XR (AR/VR/MR)
    2. Scenarios of market growth in AR and MR
    3. Market Entrants in AR and MR glassware market
    4. Summary for marketing report on ‘AR and MR Market 2023’
II. Market Overview
    1. Long term forecast in AR and MR glassware market (2021-2030e)
        1.1. Propagation scenarios AR and MR glassware market
            1.1.1. Product positioning and market condition on each scenario (Aggressive, Reasonable, Conservative)
            1.1.2. Volume trend by scenario
        1.2. Market forecast in ARMR glassware (Volume and Revenue) : 2021-2030e
        1.3. Volume trend of ARMR glassware by screen type (monocular/binocular)
        1.4. Volume trend of ARMR glassware by channel (consumer/commercial)
        1.5. Market share by ARMR glassware maker (2021-2023e)
    2. Technology and specification trend of ARMR glassware market (2021-2030e)
        2.1. FOV (Field Of View) Trend
        2.2. Image texture (2D and 3D) Trend
        2.3. 3D image generation technologies trend
        2.4. Optical platform type Trend (Off-Axis, Birdbath, Waveguide and Others)
        2.5. Micro display trend
        2.6. Light source trend
        2.7. Unit price trend of ARMR glassware
            2.7.1. Average sales price trend of ARMR Glassware (Hardware basis)
            2.7.2. Target price of ARMR glass for market breakthrough (From business to consumer)
            2.7.3. Price trend by key components the related ARMR glassware
III. Main Theme : The Market Breakthrough of AR and MR
    Study 1 [Market and Situation]
        Makers Approaches for Increase chances of ARMR glassware from web trends in 2020s
    Study 2 [Technology]
        Optical Platform and Core Technology by growth step of ARMR glassware market
IV. Key Components Market
    1. Overview of Core Components in ARMR Market
        1.1. All market entrants of core components in ARMR market
        1.2. Core component category map and each component supplement for ARMR glassware
        1.3. Competition by component development in existing phase
    2. Product status on each component category and technology topics for the upgrades
        2.1. PGU (Picture Generation Unit) Market
        2.2. Micro Display Market
            《Technology topics pick-up》 μLED  - Requirements and timing for AR/MR Glassware -
        2.3. Light Source Market
            《Technology topics pick-up》 VCSEL  - Verifications for adaption of VICSEL for PGU
        2.4. Optical Components Market
            《Technology topics pick-up》 Meta-Surface Optics  - Meta materials, install meta-surface into platform -
        2.5. Optical Platform Market
            《Technology topics pick-up》 3D Holographic Displays  - Platform methods for naturalistic 3D generation-
        2.6. SLAM Market
            《Technology topics pick-up》 LiADR  - Sensing range by ARMR Phase, Capture method and elements-
V. Model List
    1. Model line-up from 2021 to 2023 and target market
        1.1. VR Goggles
        1.2. AR Smart Glasses
        1.3. MR Headsets
VI. Reference Data
    Virtual Reality (VR) Market
        1. VR Goggles market overview and long term forecast (volume and revenue)
        2. The details of VR Goggles market
            2.1. Long term forecast by display technology (volume and revenue)
            2.2. Unit price trend of VR Goggles