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2023 UWB & Bluetooth Direction Finding Market Analysis

Pub Date Jul. 2023
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“2023 UWB & Bluetooth Direction Finding Market Analysis” Covers Ultra-wideband technology in specific areas: RTLS (Real Time Location Positioning), Automotive, Mobile Consumer, and Smart home Industry and UWB radar (6-9 GHz). In addition, the report covers Bluetooth direction finding (AoA) and Bluetooth Channel Sounding topic. In the report we focus on explain and compare Ultra-wideband to other competitor technologies, focusing on Bluetooth direction finding (AoA) for RTLS and automotive. Moreover, we provide an outline forecast of Ultra-wideband technology application market trend in the above written businesses.

The main topics of “2023 UWB & Bluetooth Direction Finding Market Analysis breakdown by application, region, market player’s supply chain situation, and market forecast. 

Market Forecast Period is from 2018 to 2030. Market Share period is from 2022-2023.
1. Summary
    1.1 UWB & Bluetooth direction finding market introduction
    1.2 UWB Application
    1.3 Position of UWB & Bluetooth direction finding in indoor positioning technology
    1.4 Bluetooth direction finding (AoA) RTLS market trend
    1.5 UWB application market trend
        1.5.1 Industrial RTLS
        1.5.2 Smartphone
        1.5.3 Automotive
        1.5.4 Smart home
        1.5.5 UWB radar
    1.6 Bluetooth direction finding supply chain
    1.7 UWB industry supply chain
    1.8 UWB chip industry trend
2. Standard
    2.1 Spectrum & Regulation
        2.1.1 Japan spectrum & regulation
        2.1.2 China spectrum & regulation
        2.1.3 Europe spectrum & regulation
        2.1.4 USA spectrum & regulation
        2.1.5 UWB in other Countries and 2022 updates
    2.2 History of UWB
    2.3 UWB Transmission Channels by main Country
    2.4 Comparison UWB with Other RF based Location Technology
        2.4.1 Combined positioning solution
        2.4.2 Time of Flight
        2.4.3 Time Difference of Arrival
        2.4.4 Received Signal Strength Indication
        2.4.5 Angle of Arrival (AoA)
        2.4.6 Angle of Departure (AoD)
        2.4.7 Phase Difference of Arrival (PDoA)
        2.4.8 UWB AoA
        2.4.9 UWB-IR mono static radar
    2.5 UWB Antenna
        2.5.1 UWB Antenna on main modules
        2.5.2 UWB frequencies impact on antenna
        2.5.3 PCB UWB antenna main shape design list
    2.6 UWB Standard
        2.6.1 UWB HRP and LRP comparison
        2.6.2 UWB Secure Distance Measurement (SDM) challenges
    2.7 Industry Alliance
        2.7.1 UWB Alliance
        2.7.2 FiRa Consortium
        2.7.3 Omlox (PI)
        2.7.4 Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC)
3. UWB Application Market
    3.1 UWB application summary
        3.1.1 UWB RF application
        3.1.2 UWB Radar application
    3.2 UWB smartphone case studies
        3.2.1 UWB smartphone Use Case Comparison
        3.2.2 Apple
        3.2.3 Samsung
        3.2.4 Xiaomi
        3.2.5 Google and AOSP
        3.2.6 Others UWB smartphone case studies
        3.2.7 UWB smartphone mapping & payment use cases
        3.2.8 UWB smartphone gate access and payment
        3.2.9 UWB door digital key
        3.2.10 UWB smart door digital key access system
    3.3 UWB smart home devices interaction3.3 UWB smart home devices interaction
        3.3.1 Indoor/In home use cases road map
        3.4 UWB industrial RTLS
        3.4.1 Benefits of infrastructure-based positioning
        3.4.2 RTLS Indoor Location Modes
        3.4.3 Main & particular industrial UWB use cases
        3.4.4 Industrial RTLS: Machine Distance Sensor (MDS)
        3.4.5 Industrial RTLS: UWB collision avoidance on tag to tag TWR
        3.4.6 Covid-19 environment presence detection
        3.4.7 UWB RTLS in sport use cases
        3.4.8 Autonomous car driving in tunnels
        3.4.9 UWB/BT AoA+5G indoor RTLS structure
        3.4.10 UWB RTLS with no fixed infrastructure
    3.4.11 RTLS hardware and software structure
    3.5 UWB & Bluetooth automotive entry access systems
        3.5.1 Comparison of UWB automotive access system scheme
        3.5.2 CCC car digital key access scheme Digital Key Chinese Market Solution from UbiTraq
        3.5.3 3DB Access/Microchip smart key automotive access scheme
        3.5.4 Bluetooth AoA Texas Instruments smart key entry reference design
        3.5.5 Digital Key Roadmap
    3.6 UWB positioning market forecast by major verticals
        3.6.1 UWB chip revenue and ASP Market Forecast
        3.6.2 UWB Device Market Forecast by Anchor and Tag type device
    3.7 Industrial RTLS
        3.7.1 Bluetooth direction finding (AoA) & UWB Industrial RTLS chip shipment forecast
        3.7.2 Bluetooth direction finding & UWB RTLS chip market forecast by region
        3.7.3 Bluetooth direction finding RTLS chip market forecast
        3.7.4 UWB RTLS Industrial chip & technology market forecast
        3.7.5 Bluetooth direction finding & UWB device ASP forecast
        3.7.7 Bluetooth direction finding & UWB RTLS tag BOM cost breakdown 2023
    3.8 Smartphone
        3.8.1 UWB smartphone market forecast
        3.8.2 UWB smartphone market breakdown by OS
        3.8.3 UWB smartphone shipment breakdown by brand
        3.8.4 UWB smartphone market forecast by region
    3.9 UWB Mobile Accessory
        3.9.1 Consumer – Proximity Tag
        3.9.2 Consumer Wearable
    3.10 Smart home devices
        3.10.1 UWB smart home devices market forecast
        3.10.2 UWB smart speaker market forecast
        3.10.3 UWB home Wi-Fi router/mesh market forecast
        3.10.4 UWB Audio Streaming market forecast
    3.11 Automotive
        3.11.1 Automotive key access market forecast
        3.11.2 Sub-GHz (LF/UHF) RF based Keyless Entry System forecast
        3.11.3 Bluetooth Channel Sounding automotive key access shipment forecast
        3.11.4 UWB Automotive Chipset forecast
        3.11.5 UWB automotive key access by Car OEMs market breakdown
        3.11.6 UWB automotive key access market forecast by area
        3.11.7 Automotive access technology forecast
        3.11.8 UWB automotive key access number of UWB chip per car
        3.11.9 Automotive UWB chip market forecast
    3.12 UWB-IR radar sensing market forecast
        3.12.1 UWB-IR radar devices market forecast
        3.12.2 UWB-IR radar sensing automotive market forecast
        3.12.3 UWB-IR radar sensing consumer market forecast
        3.12.4 UWB-IR radar sensing industrial market forecast
4. UWB Supplier Trend
    4.1 Chipset & Module List
    4.2 List of UWB Supplier
    4.3 UWB supply matrix between device & chip
    4.4 UWB RTLS B2B & automotive supply chain scheme
    4.4.1 UWB RTLS B2B supply chain scheme
    4.4.2 UWB Automotive supply chain scheme
    4.5 Market share forecast
    4.5.1 UWB chip market share forecast
    4.5.2 RTLS Bluetooth direction finding chip market share forecast
    4.5.3 RTLS Bluetooth direction finding tag vendor market share forecast
    4.6 M&A of UWB companies
    4.7 UWB chipset & module ASP forecast
    4.7.1 UWB chipset ASP forecast
    4.7.2 UWB module ASP forecast
    4.7.3 UWB-IR radar chip & module ASP for industrial forecast
    4.8 Company & product profile
    4.8.1 UWB company & products
        1. NXP
        2. Qorvo
        3. STMicroelectronics
        4. Ubisense
        5. UbiTraq
        6. LEAPS
        7. 3DB Access
        8. IMEC
        9. Nanjing Woxu Wireless
        10. Wenzhou Yanchuang Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd. (YCHIOT)
        11. Newradio Technology Co., Ltd.
        12. Mauna Kea Semiconductor
        13. Murata Manufacturing
        14. Amotech
        15. CEVA
        16. Chi Xin semiconductor technology (CX Semi)
        17. Shenzhen Giant Microelectronics (Giant Semi)
        18. Sunway Communication
        19. LG Innotek
        20. Mobile Knowledge
        21. SynchronicIT
        22. BestSkip
        23. eliko
        24. Locatify
        25. Navigine
        26. Nooploop
        27. Pinmicro
        28. Pozyx
        29. RedLore
        30. Trackerwave
        31. Truesense
        32. Wiser Systems
        33. Renesas
        4.9.2 Bluetooth direction finding company & products
        1. Quuppa
        2. BlueIOT
        3. CoreHW
        4. Tatwah
        6. U-Blox