xR (VR/AR)

Timely Version Marketing Report : ARMR Market 2023 Outline

Pub Date May. 2023
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A virtual experience is one of the hot markets typified by ‘Meta Verse’. For upgrading usability in virtual experience, the most of makers develop the glassware used AR and MR effects. But the existing ARMR experience is mainly used on mobile devices platforms such as smart phone or tablet PC. Thus, product position of ARMR glassware remains an accessory market. Also, mainstream market is B to B market. As a result, market size has been limited volume so far. ARMR experience many developers expect ARMR glassware as the next generation mobile platform. We should find out expansion factors of ARMR glassware market in this survey.

Main Theme : The Market Breakthrough of ARMR
Sub Title : Makers’ Approaches for Increase chances of ARMR glassware from web trends in 2020s  

● AR(Smart) Glass Market
● MR Headset Market
● AR and MR Application Market
I. Summary
    1. xR definition in this research coverage
    2. Market entrants in AR and MR glassware market
    3. Existing glassware and target application market
II. Market Overview
    i. Long term forecast in AR and MR glassware market (2020-2030e)
    4. Long term forecast in all xR market (2020-2030e)
    5. Market condition and product positioning on each scenario in ARMR
    6. Volume trend by scenario (Aggressive, Reasonable, Conservative)
    7. Market forecast in ARMR glassware (Volume and Revenue) : 2020-2030e
    8. Volume trend of ARMR glassware by screen type (monocular/binocular)
    9. Volume trend of ARMR glassware by channel (consumer/commercial)
    10. Market share by ARMR glassware maker (2021-2023e)
    2. Technology and specification trend of ARMR glassware market (2021-2030e)
    11. FOV (Field Of View) trend
    12. Image texture (2D and 3D) trend
    13. 3D image generation technologies trend
    14. Optical platform type Trend
    15. Micro display trend
    16. Light source trend
    17. Average sales price trend of ARMR Glassware (Hardware basis)
    18. Target price of ARMR glass for market breakthrough
    19. Price trend by key components the related ARMR glassware
III. Main Theme : The Market Breakthrough of AR and MR
    Study 1 [Market and Situation]
    a. Makers Approaches for Increase chances of ARMR glassware from web trends in 2020s
    20. xR glassware and 2020s web platform fitting
    21. ARMR experience on usage scene in the future
    22. Major platformers trends and updates
    Motivation, Benefits and ARMR effects on each category
    23. Category I : Automotive
    24. Category II : Medical and Healthcare
    25. Category III : Lifestyle and Commercial
IV. Reference Data
    i. Virtual Reality (VR) Market
    26. VR Goggles market overview and long term forecast (volume and revenue)
    27. Long term forecast by display technology (volume and revenue)
    28. Unit price trend of VR goggles