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Head-Up Display Market Research 2022

Pub Date Dec. 2022
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Car OEMs have installed advanced technologies into own brand vehicles for safety driving and secure purpose. The vehicles HUD are increasing in number in automotive market on this ground. HUD market will keep increasing in automotive HMI market. On the other hand it is concerned that the 2020s vehicle platforms such as Full-Automated vehicles and EV will influence HUD market growth. Car OEMs and HUD makers have to develop new business schemes against it.

This survey analyzes the secondary growth of HUD business from multiple view points such as technology, situation and makers.

Main Theme : The Three Strategies for Secondary Growth for HUD Business
  1. I. Augmented Reality (AR) HUD in Automotive HMI Market
  2. II. HUD Installation for Full-Automated Vehicles and EV and telematics, cloud services as new vehicle platforms
  3. III. Secondary Growth of HUD Business
  • Head-Up Display Market
  • Windshield Market
  • Core Components Market
I. Summary
    1. Executive Summary
    2. Propagation scenarios of HUD Market and each related event
    3. Summary for Head-Up Display Market Research 2022
    4. Market entrants map of Head-Up Display Market
II. Head-Up Display Market Breakdown
    1. All HUDs Market Trend (2020-2030e)
        1.1. Volume trend and attach ratio of HUD
        1.2. Revenue trend
        1.3. Comparison analysis between existing HUD market status and the previous forecast
    2. Details of HUD Market (2020-2030e)
        2.1. Product type trend (Windshield/Combiner) in HUD market
            2.1.1. Details HUD Product type
        2.2. Geographical Demands for HUD (EU, US, JP, CN, ROW)
            2.2.1. Volume trend
            2.2.2. HUD Installation trend and typical requirements on each region
            2.2.3. Pick-up: HUD status and usage in China market
        2.3. Volume trend by Car segment
        2.4. Volume trend by Channel (Line Fit/DOP, Aftermarket)
    3. HUD specification trend (2020-2030e)
        3.1. Volume trend by imager type
        3.2. Volume trend by light source
        3.3. Volume trend by Picture Generation Unit (PGU) type
        3.4. HUD Field Of View (FOV) trend
        3.5. Volume trend by Image Distance
        3.6. Volume trend by HUD unit size
        3.7. Average price trend by Product type (Windshield/Combiner)
        3.8. Cost Structure by HUD unit (Hardware basis)
    4. Market trend of advanced technologies for HUD
        - Wide FOV HUD market
        - Augmented Reality (AR)-HUD market
        - 2 Plane HUD market
        - 3D Holographic HUD market
III. Topical Themes of Head-Up Display Market Research 2022
    1. Augmented Reality (AR) HUD in Automotive HMI Market
    2. HUD installation for Full-Automated vehicles and EV and telematics, cloud services as new vehicle platforms
    3. Secondary growth of HUD business
IV. Car OEMs and Tier 1 Suppliers Trend
    1. Car OEMs market
        1.1. HUD take ratio trend of major car OEMs in the past three years
        1.2. Target usage scene and HUD adaptation policies by HUD installation vehicle
        1.3. Differences about HUD motivation between EV Startups and Car OEMs
        1.4. Supply Chain Matrix update: Car OEMs and HUD Makers
        1.5. Market Share by Car OEM
            1.5.1. All HUDs market
            1.5.2. Windshield HUD market
            1.5.3. Combiner HUD market
    2. Tier 1 Suppliers market
        2.1. Market Entrants update and HUD product types
        2.2. Line up for the next generation HUD on each HUD maker and development HUD architecture
        2.3. Market Share by HUD maker (2019-2021)
            2.3.1. All HUDs market
            2.3.2. Windshield HUD market
            2.3.3. Combiner HUD market
V. Face Sheet
    1. Car OEMs (name/sales result/take ratio of HUD/HUD suppliers/new models/additional contents)
    2. Tier 1 Suppliers (name/volume by product type/remarks of next generation HUD/major customers)
VI. Key Components Market
    1. Imager market
        1.1. Suppliers Map and new entrants for Imager market
        1.2. Specification trend of Imager for HUD use (Resolution, Inch size)
        1.3. Supply Chain Matrix: Imager Makers and HUD Makers
        1.4. Price trend of Imager for HUD use
        1.5. Technology Topics in Imager market : OLED and μLED
    2. Light Source market
        2.1. HUD Light Source Suppliers Map
        2.2. Supply Chain Matrix: Light Source SuppliersとHUD Makers
        2.3. Price trend by light Source type
        2.4. Technology Topics in light source market: For 3D Holographic HUD light source
    3. Windshield and Interlayer market
        3.1. Windshield and Materials (Interlayer, Optics Film) Suppliers Map
        3.3. Technology topics of HUD Screen (Windshield, Combiner): Architecture and key materials for HUD upgrade
    4. Optical Components market
        4.1. Fold/Cold mirror and Concave mirror market
        4.2. Technology Topics of Optical Component: key optical components lead to modification of HUD unit
            4.2.1. Diffraction optics
            4.2.2. Meta surface lenses
            4.2.3. Other optics
    5. Supply Chain Matrix on each optics market
VII. Model List
    1. Remarks of HUD installation vehicles and schedule (2020-2022e)
    2. Model List (As of Q3 2022)