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2022 Wireless Connectivity market Analysis

Pub Date Jun. 2022
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This is annual market report of short range wireless connectivity, including Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy and Wireless LAN (WiFi). The report focus on chipset and module industry trend, supplier market share and IC trend, as well as application market forecast. 2022 update report features 6GHz WiFi (WiFi 6E/WiFi 7), IoT connectivity, Bluetooth audio, and IC foundry/ process node.
1. Summary
    1.1. Wireless Connectivity Market Trend Summary
    1.2. Wireless Connectivity Standard Positioning
    1.3. Wireless Connectivity Main Application and Supplier
    1.4. Wireless Connectivity Chip Market Shipment Forecast
    1.5. Wireless Connectivity Chip Market Revenue Forecast
    1.6. Wireless Connectivity Module Market Forecast
    1.7. Bluetooth Market Forecast
    1.8. Bluetooth Low Energy Single Mode SoC Market Forecast
    1.9. Bluetooth Audio SoC Market Forecast
    1.10. WiFi Market Forecast by Market Segment
    1.11. WiFi Market Forecast by Standard
    1.12. 6GHz WiFi Market Breakdown
    1.13. Wireless Chipset Vendor Market Share Position by Segment
2. Standard
    2.1. List of Major Wireless Standards
    2.2. RF Band Trend
    2.3. Bluetooth Standard
    2.4. WiFi Standard
    2.5. IEEE802.15.4 Standard
3. Market Trend
    3.1. Bluetooth Market Forecast
        3.1.1. Bluetooth Market Forecast by Application
        3.1.2. Bluetooth Low Energy Market Forecast by Application
        3.1.3. IEEE802.15.4 /Bluetooth Low Energy Multi-Protocol Device Market
        3.1.4. Bluetooth Market Forecast Breakdown by Application/ Standard
    3.2. WiFi Market Forecast
        3.2.1. WiFi Market Forecast by Application
        3.2.2. WiFi Market Forecast by Standard/Spectrum Band
        3.2.3. WiFi6/6E, WiFi7 Device Market Forecast by Application
        3.2.4. 6GHz WiFi Market Breakdown
        3.2.5. WiFi Market Forecast by Antenna Configuration
        3.2.6. WiFi Market Forecast Breakdown by Application/ Standard
    3.3. Application Market
        3.3.1. Smartphone Connectivity
        3.3.2. Bluetooth Audio
   Bluetooth Audio SoC Market Forecast by Application
   Bluetooth TWS Headset SoC Market Forecast
   LE Audio Headset/Speaker Chipset Market Forecast
   Bluetooth Hearing Aid Market Forecast
        3.3.3. Consumer Wearable Connectivity (Smart Watch, Activity Tracker)
        3.3.4. Automotive Connectivity
   Car Infotainment Device
   Automotive BLE IC Market Forecast
   BLE Automotive Digital Key Market Breakdown by Solution
        3.3.5. WiFi Networking Market
        3.3.6. Home Entertainment WiFi Market
        3.3.7. MCU WiFi Market Forecast Breakdown by Application
4. Chipset & Module Trend
    4.1. Wireless Chip and Module Category
    4.2. Wireless Chipset and Module Vendor List.
    4.3. M&A
    4.4. Supply Chain
    4.5. Bluetooth/WiFi Chipset & Module Market Forecast
        4.5.1. Wireless Connectivity Chipset Market Forecast by Chip Type
        4.5.2. Smartphone Connectivity Chip and Module Solution Market Trend
        4.5.3. Bluetooth/WiFi Combo Chip Market Forecast by Application
        4.5.4. Bluetooth/WiFi Module Market Forecast
        4.5.5. WiFi/ Combo Module Market Forecast by Application
        4.5.6. Module Adoption Ratio by Major Application
    4.6. Wireless Chipset Vendor Market Share
        4.6.1. Bluetooth IC Total
        4.6.2. Bluetooth Low Energy Single Mode (Including BLE/802.15.4 Multi-protocol)
        4.6.3. Bluetooth Dual Mode Data Chip
        4.6.4. Bluetooth Audio SoC
        4.6.5. Bluetooth TWS Audio Headset SoC Market Share
        4.6.6. WiFi Chipset Total
        4.6.7. WiFi Chipset Market Share (Excluding WiFi Integrated Mobile SoC)
        4.6.8. Separation between Broadcom, Infineon and Synaptics
        4.6.9. WiFi 6/WiFi 6E Chipset Market Share
        4.6.10. MCU Embedded WiFi Chip Market Share
        4.6.11. WiFi Market Share by Major Application (2020-2022)
    4.7. Major Wireless Chip Vendor Trend
    4.8. Module Vendor Trend
        4.8.1. Wireless Module Vendor Shipment Trend
        4.8.2. Wireless Module BusinessType
        4.8.3. Pros/Cons of Module
    4.9. Module and Chip Price Forecast
        4.9.1. Module and Chip Price Forecast by Segment
        4.9.2. China Low end Wireless Chip Price
    4.10. WiFi Chipset Trend
        4.10.1. WiFi 7 Chipset
        4.10.2. WiFi Networking Chipset Scheme
        4.10.3. MCU WiFi Trend
    4.11. Bluetooth IC Trend
        4.11.1. BLE Feature Trend
        4.11.2. Bluetooth Based Positioning Technology Trend
        4.11.3. Bluetooth Audio SoC Trend
    4.12. Wireless Connectivity Chip - IC Foundry Matrix
    4.13. Process Technology Trend
    4.13. Major Wireless Chipset List
* Market Forecast Period: CY2019-2027 * Market Share Period: CY2020-2022