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2021 GNSS Chip & Module Market Analysis

Pub Date Sep. 2021
Size & Pages A4 :105 Pages
US$4,000 (including PDF report and Excel data)
“2021 GNSS chip & module Market Analysis” Cover all GNSS precision: meter, sub-meter, centimeter and timing. In the report we cover: GNSS constellations coverage and location techniques, GNSS standalone and RF integrated solution, GNSS chip-on-board and module solution breakdown, GNSS chipset global market forecast and market share for the following industry:

  1. Positioning: asset trackers, vehicle trackers (after-market telematics), and marine
  2. Automotive: before market TCU, car navigation system before and after market, ADAS with GNSS, other car accessories
  3. Consumer mobile: smartphone, tablet, notebook PC, smartwatch, digital camera, others
  4. High precision: advanced ADAS & autonomous driving, GIS/mapping, enterprise drone, AGV/robot, others
  5. Timing: cellular network synchronization, power grid synchronization, financial transaction, others
1. Summary
    1.1 GNSS market introduction
    1.2 GNSS market segment and application
    1.3 GNSS market share forecast by application
    1.4 Impact of TCXO supply shortage
    1.5 Impact of semiconductor shortage in 2021
    1.6 GNSS IC & module supplier
    1.7 GNSS IC road map & supply chain main players
2. GNSS Technology and use cases
    2.1 GNSS constellation & frequency bands
        2.1.1 IC GNSS constellation coverage & number of satellite
    2.2 Augmentation service by region
        2.2.3 GNSS frequencies by public augmentation system
    2.3 Implementation Techniques
        2.3.1 Code and Carrier phase
        2.3.2 GNSS Anti-jamming/interference techniques
        2.3.3 Assisted GNSS (A-GNSS)
        2.3.4 Differential GNSS
        2.3.5 GNSS Real Time Kinematic (RTK)
        2.3.6 Multi frequency GNSS
        2.3.7 Satellite-Based augmentation service (SBAS)
        2.3.8 PPP (Precise Point Positioning)
        2.3.9 RTK and PPP High Precision Comparison
        2.3.10 GNSS combined with other wireless data communication
    2.4 GNSS location as a service (LaaS) & cloud location
    2.5 Industry Alliance
3. GNSS market forecast
    3.1 GNSS accuracy breakdown
    3.2 GNSS Category definition
    3.3 GNSS market forecast by major verticals
        3.3.1 Standalone GNSS and integrated GNSS shipment forecast
        3.3.2 GNSS standalone & integrated GNSS shipment forecast by main applications
        3.3.3 GNSS chip-on-board & module solution shipment forecast
        3.3.4 GNSS standalone application breakdown by GNSS chipset and module
    3.4 GNSS standard precision
        3.4.1 GNSS standard precision IC & module revenue market forecast
        3.4.2 Positioning GNSS market forecast
        3.4.3 GNSS trackers forecast by communication technology
        3.4.4 GNSS trackers forecast by area
        3.4.5 Consumer mobile device market forecast
        3.4.6 GNSS Smartphone market forecast
        3.4.7 GNSS Tablet market forecast
        3.4.8 GNSS smartwatch market forecast
        3.4.9 GNSS Adult smartwatch shipment by main brand
        3.4.10 GNSS notebook PC market forecast
        3.4.11 GNSS Automotive market forecast
        3.4.12 Automotive car navigation market forecast
        3.4.13 GNSS Dash cam & radar market forecast
    3.5 GNSS drone market forecast
    3.6 GNSS high precision
        3.6.1 GNSS high precision standalone total market revenue forecast
        3.6.2 GNSS High precision shipment market forecast
    3.7 GNSS timing
        3.7.1 GNSS timing market total market revenue forecast
        3.7.2 GNSS timing shipment market forecast
4. GNSS chipset & modules supplier
    4.1 GNSS standalone chipset supplier list
    4.2 GNSS mobile SoC list for wearable and GNSS multi frequency SoC for smartphone
    4.3 List of GNSS IC integrated with other RF
    4.4 GNSS Module list
    4.5 GNSS device and GNSS chip supplier list
    4.6 Main GNSS chip company overview
    4.7 GNSS IC priority development in relation of use case
    4.8 GNSS chipset market share
        4.8.1 GNSS standalone IC market share
        4.8.2 GNSS integrated market share
    4.9 GNSS IC & module ASP market forecast
        4.9.1 GNSS IC ASP for standard position
        4.9.2 GNSS module ASP for standard position
        4.9.3 GNSS module ASP for high precision
        4.9.4 GNSS module ASP for timing
    4.10 GNSS IC roadmap
    4.11 GNSS IC process node trend
    4.12 GNSS chipset key player data profile
        1. U-Blox
        2. Broadcom
        3. Airoha (Mediatek)
        4. Qualcomm
        5. Sony
        6. TechtoTop
        7. BD Star Group - Unicore Communication
        8. Zhongke Microelectronics
        9. Allystar
        10. ST Microelectronics