2020 edition, Marketing Analysis of LIB for Automotive

Pub Date Dec. 2020
Size & Pages A4 :168 Pages
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The report, "2020-21 edition, LIB Material Market Analysis" intends to clarify the global LIB material market by studying tier-1 small format LIB market, xEV LIB market, China xEV LIB market, and tier-2 China market, respectively. 

 By comprehending the current LIB material market in detail (by supply chain in shipment volume, by unit price in US$, by revenue in US$, and forecast up to 2025), the report aims to serve as a benchmark for series of decision makings in LIB-related companies, including in sales, development, and investment strategies. 

  The report is an annual based multi-client report for 2019 edition in LIB Project. 
  Although the report enables the readers to comprehend the LIB market, combined use of "Marketing Analysis of LIB for Automotive," “Small Format LIB Market Analysis," and "LIB Market Analysis on China" will help further to understand the market environment in wider and deeper scopes.
I. On Summary
    Summary 1 Market Trend by LIB Type for Automotive
    Summary 2 xEV Market Trend and Policies/Regulations by Country/Area
    Summary 3 2019-2020E LIB MWh Share for Automotive
    Summary 4 2019-2020E xEV Automotive Unit Share
    Summary 5 Positioning Map of xEV Market in 2027
    Summary 6 Trend and Point of LIB Materials for Automotive
II. On LIB Market for Automotive
    2-1. LIB for Automotive Market Trend
        2-1-1. LIB by Type Market Trend (2017-2027F, MWh basis)
        2-1-2. LIB by Type Market Trend (2017-2027F, Revenue basis)
    2-2. LIB Market Trend by xEV Passenger Car Type (MWh basis)
    2-3. LIB for xEV Maker Share
        2-3-1. LIB for xEV Maker Share (2019-2021F, MWh basis)
        2-3-2. LIB Maker Share by Country (2019-2021F)
    2-4. Automotive LIB Cell Price Trend (2018-2027F)
    2-5. Outlook of xEV LIB Market
        2-5-1. Outlook of Major xEV LIB Maker
        2-5-2. Comment & Analysis:
Overview and Mid/Long Term Trend of Automotive LIB Market
    2-6. LIB Production Capacity (2019-2024F)
        2-6-1. LIB Production Capacity Trend
        2-6-2. Production Capacity Trend by Factory Locations
    2-7. Maker Facesheet
        Panasonic Corporation
        Prime Planet Energy & Solutions, Inc. (PPES)
        Primearth EV Energy Co., Ltd. (PEVE)
        Vehicle Energy Japan Inc.(VEJ)
        Lithium Energy Japan Co., Ltd.(LEJ)
        Blue Energy Co., Ltd.
        Toshiba Corporation
        LG Energy Solution (LGES)
        Samsung SDI Co., Ltd.
        SK Innovation Co., Ltd.
        Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited (CATL)
        BYD Battery Co., Ltd.
        Envision AESC Energy Devices Ltd.
        < Common Contents in Facesheet >
            ・ Overview
            ・ Shipment Trend (2019-2021F)
            ・ Production Capacity (2019-2024F)
            ・ Shipment Trend by xEV Type (2019-2020E)
            ・ LIB Material Roadmap (2019-2023F)
            ・ xEV Customers' List by Major Models
    2-8. European LIB Maker Trend
III. On xEV Market
    3-1. xEV Market Outlook: Automotive Shipment Trend by Area (2017-2027F)
    3-2. xEV Market
        3-2-1.EV Market (2017-2027F)
        3-2-2.PHV Market (2017-2027F)
        3-2-3.HV Market (2017-2027F)
        3-2-4.48V LVS Market (2017-2027F)
        3-2-5.12V LVS Market (2017-2027F)
    3-3. Maker Facesheet
        Toyota Motor Corporation
        Renault S.A.S. / Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. / Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
        Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
        Mazda Motor Corporation
        Hyundai Kia Automotive Group
        General Motors Corporation
        Ford Motor Company
        Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
        Volkswagen AG
        BMW Bayerische Motoren Weke AG
        Daimler AG
        PSA Peugeot Citroën
        BYD Auto 比亜迪自動車販売株式会社
        Geely Auto 浙江吉利控股集团
        Beijing Electric Vehicle 北京新能源汽车股份有限公司
        Tesla Motors, Inc.
        < Common Contents in Facesheet >
            ・ xEV Strategy
            ・ Sales Trend by Area (2017-2019)
            ・ Model Release Plan (2017-2021F)
            ・ xEV Sales Forecast (2017-2027F)
            ・ LIB Demand Forecast (2017-2027F)
            ・ LIB Maker Adoption Trend (2017-2022F)
            ・ LIB Material Trend (2017-2022F)
            ・ Points
    3-4. xEV-Related Regulations
IV. On LIB Materials
    4-1. LIB for xEV Materials' Market Trend
    4-2. Cathode
        4-2-1. Cathode Market Trend by Type (2018-2027F)
        4-2-2. Business Relation Trend up to 2023
    4-3. Anode
        4-3-1. Anode Market Trend by Type (2018-2027F)
        4-3-2. Business Relation Trend up to 2023
    4-4. Separator
        4-4-1. Separator Market Trend by Type (2018-2027F)
        4-4-2. Business Relation Trend up to 2023
    4-5. Electrolyte
        4-5-1. Market Trend (Electrolyte & LiPF6, 2018-2027F)
        4-5-2. Business Relation Trend up to 2023
    4-6. Procurement Trends and Plans of Raw Materials