Automotive Cockpit Electronics and Displays 2021

Pub Date Aug. 2021
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Major Car OEMs have announced a roadmap to realize an autonomous driving level 5 in recent years. In case of launch the full-automated vehicle, Makers have to re-designing the systems need to know how to use effectively an emerging display technologies to build an innovative cockpit design and in-vehicle concept. On the other hand, it is pointed out that the recent social situation related to the COVID-19 brings people to a state called as the new normal. This is a big change or paradigm shift of peoples’ pattern of activities. It also leads, to some extent, to a change in a user interface architecture in a vehicle platform development. In an automotive HMI, a ‘contact’ has been a main and basic concept. However, a ‘contactless’ or a ‘Non-Contact’ will become a newly added concept of the architecture in the future vehicle. It will be a key for Car OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to know the contactless HMI technologies in a vehicle platform development in the 2020s.
The purpose of this research is to understand key factors for an automotive cockpit system development in the 2020s and to describe the suitable display technologies according to changes in a vehicle platform. 
1. Market Trend on Each Cockpit Electronics Market
2. Cockpit System Architecture in Autonomous Driving Level 5
3. Contactless Automotive HMI in the 2020s

[Research Coverage]
● Integrated Cockpit System Market
● Meter Cluster Market
● Center Information Display (CID) Market
● Head-Up Display (HUD) Market
● Center Console Display Market
● Rear Seat Entertainment Market
● Display Mirror Market
● Passenger Display Market
● Next Generation Display Market 
● Automotive User Interface Market
I. Summary
    1. Executive Summary
    2. Scenarios of Integrated Cockpit Systems (ICS)
    3. Revenue Trend in All Cockpit Electronics Market
    4. All Market Entrants the Related Cockpit Electronics
    5. Cockpit Architecture, Emerging Display Technologies in Autonomous Driving Level 5, Contactless HMI in the 2020s
        5.1. The Best Cockpit Design and Display Configurations under Autonomous Driving Level 5
        5.2. Additional Display Application Overview in Autonomous Driving Level 5
        5.3. Summary for Contactless Automotive HMI in the 2020s
II. Related Products for Cockpit Electronics Market Update
    1. The Related Products for Cockpit Electronics Market Update Summary
    2. Each Electronics Product Market Overview
        2.1. Meter Cluster Market
            2.1.1. All Meter Clusters Market (Volume and Revenue Basis) : 2018-2028e
            2.1.1. Long-Term Forecast by Meter Type (Analog/Hybrid/Graphic)
            2.1.2. Display Technologies Trend in Graphic Meter Cluster Market (TFT/OLED/Micro LED/Others)
            2.1.3. Display Size Trend in Graphic Meter Cluster Market : Volume Basis
            2.1.4. Volume Trend of Hybrid Meter, Graphic Meter by Segment
            2.1.5. Supply Chain Matrix in Meter Cluster Market
            2.1.6. Maker Share by Meter Cluster Type (2018-2020e)
            2.1.7. Cost Structure by Meter Cluster Type
            2.1.8. Topical Themes in Meter Cluster Market (Display Technology Trend in Meter Cluster)
        2.2. Center Information Display Market (CID)
            2.2.1. Market Forecast in CIDs Market Update (Volume and Revenue Basis) : 2018-2028e
            2.2.2. Volume Trend by CID Type (Car Navigation/Display Audio) : 2018-2028e
            2.2.3. Volume Trend of CID by Display Size : 2018-2028e
            2.2.4. Supply Chain Matrix in CID Market
            2.2.5. Maker Share in CID Market (2018-2020e)
            2.2.6. Average Sales Price Trend (2018-2028e) by CID Type
            2.2.7. Topical Themes in CID Market
        2.3. Head-Up Display Market
            2.3.1. Market Forecast in All HUDs Market Update (Volume and Revenue Basis) : 2018-2028e
            2.3.2. Volume Trend by HUD Type (Windshield/Combiner) : 2018-2028e
            2.3.3. Maker Share in HUD Market (2018-2020e) by HUD Type
            2.3.4. Average Sales Price Trend (2018-2028e)
            2.3.5. Topical Themes in HUD Market
        2.4. Automotive User Interface Market (Touch Panel, Voice Recognition, Gesture Control, Others)
            2.4.1. Volume Trend in Long-Term by Input Technology (2018-2028e)
            2.4.2. The Latest Input Interface Technology by Location
            2.4.3. Feedback Technologies Analysis by Input Interface
        2.5. Other Displays Market (*Common Research Items in This Paragraph)
            2.5.1. Electric Mirror Display (Rear View Mirror, Side Mirror Monitor)
            2.5.2. Center Console Display
            2.5.3. Passenger Display (Including Rear Seat Entertainment)
                a. Market Entrants on Each Application Market
                b. Long Time Forecast in Volume (2018-2028e)
                c. Topical Theme on Each Application Market
III. Automotive Cockpit Systems Market Trend
    1. Major Car OEMs: Updates by Cockpit Variation
    2. Major Tier 1 Suppliers : Cockpit Concept Update and Focus HMI
    3. WW EV Startups : Marketing Analysis of Component Architecture and Focus Points in Cockpit System
    4. Integrated Cockpit System Market
        4.1. Definition and Category in Integrated Cockpit System
        4.2. Volume Trend of Integrated Cockpit System
        4.3. Integrated Cockpit System by Type
        4.4. Market Status of SoC for Integrated Cockpit System
        4.5. Contents and Technologies Thinking by Integrated Cockpit Type
IV. Car OEMs and Tier 1 Suppliers Trend
    1. Car OEMs and Tier 1 Suppliers Summary
    2. Face Sheet by Major Car OEM and Major Tier-1 Supplier
V. Topical Theme in Automotive Cockpit Electronics and Displays 2021
    1. Autonomous Driving Level 5 : The Requirements for New Cockpit Systems
    2. Autonomous Driving Level 5 : Additional Display Applications and Emerging Display Technologies
    3. In-Vehicle Contactless HMI Market Overview
VI. Cockpit Design and Model List of Cockpit Electronics
    1. 2020-2021 Outstanding Cockpit Design Pick-up in New Vehicles
    2. Model List on Each Cockpit Electronics Product