2018-2019 Automotive OTA & Gateway Market Analysis

Pub Date Dec. 2018
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This report analyze the potentiality of Over The Air or OTA update technology for automotive applications.  This report not only cover OTA service but also gateway hardware that enables the multi-ECU update.  The major findings of the report include the key challenges of OTA service, high speed Ethernet adoption, vehicle computer potentiality, and key player analysis.
Research Summary : Overview
Research Summary : OTA & Gateway Research Coverage
Research Summary : OTA & Gateway Market Trend
Research Summary : Key Points for OTA & Gateway
ResearchSummary : Ethernet Market Trend 
1. OTA & Gateway Overview
    1-1. OTA Update Overview
        (1) Current Status of OTA Update
        (2) OTA Update System Architecture
        (3) OTA Service Component
        (4) Purpose of OTA Update
        (5) Issues of OTA
        (6) Legal Issues of OTA
    1-2. Gateway Overview
        (1) Gateway Functions
        (2) Gateway and Future Network Architecture
        (3) On Gateway Function Integration
        (4) Differences in Gateway Specification
        (5) Changes in Vehicle Computer and OTA Target ECU
        (6) Issues of Gateway  
2. OTA & Gateway Market Trend
    2-1. OTA Market Trend
        (1) OTA Market Overview
        (2) OTA Market Trend by Application
        (3) Number of ECUs Compatible with OTA Update
     2-2. Gateway Market Trend
        (1) Gateway Market Overview
        (2) Gateway Market Trend by Type
    2-3. OTA Update for ECU Strategies of Major Car Makers
        (1) OTA and Gateway Road Maps of Major Car Makers
    2-4. OTA Update and Gateway Strategy Details of Major Car Makers
3. OTA & Gateway Vendor Analysis
    3-1. Market Share Analysis
        (1) OTA Vendor Market Share
        (2) Gateway Vendor Market Share
    3-2. OTA & Gateway Delivery Status
        (1) Delivery Status of OTA Vendors
        (2) Delivery Status of Gateway Vendors
    3-3. Feature Comparison between OTA & Gateway Vendors
        (1) Entry Areas of Major Vendors
        (2)Background of OTA Entry (Where did it derive?)
        (3) Strengths and Weaknesses of OTA Vendors 
    3-4. Major OTA & Gateway Vendor Strategies
        (1) Major OTA Vendor Strategies
        (2) Major Gateway Vendor Strategies 
4. OTA & Gateway Price Analysis
    4-1. OTA Service Price Analysis
        (1) Price System
        (2) Software Licensing Method Based Pricing Model
        (3) Software Running Royalty Method Based Pricing Model
    4-2. Gateway Price Trend
        (1) Market Price Trend
        (2) Gateway Components and Semiconductor Costs 
5. Automotive Ethernet Trends by Number of Node
    5-1. Ethernet Overview
        (1) On Ethernet Standards
        (2) Future Roadmap for High-Speed Communications
        (3) Ethernet Related Organizations
        (4) Technologies Competing with and Related to Ethernet
        (5) Relationship between Camera and Interface
    5-2. EthernetのMarket Trend
        (1) Market Overview
        (2) Market Trend by Node Type
        (3) Number of Ethernet Nodes by Vehicle Type
        Reference: Definition of Node Types, ECUs and Parts Included
        (4) Market Trend by Ethernet Speed
    5-3. Use Case with Ethernet
        (1) Tesla Use Case
        (2) BMW Use Case
        (3) Future Use Case
    5-4. Ethernet Adoption Trends by Major Car Makers  
6. Related Market Trend
    6-1. Automotive Camera Market Trend
    6-2. Connected Vehicle Market Trend
    6-3. Regional Car Sales Trend