Automotive Cockpit Electronics and Displays 2018-2019

Pub Date Jan. 2019
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Automotive electronics such as Automotive Displays and User Interface (UI) are currently playing a larger part of role in cockpit systems in vehicles. There the optimal cockpit system integration enabling smooth and seamless exchanges of necessary information between drivers and vehicles is constantly pursued. In this matter the important questions are what kind of display technologies are implemented and which locations in the cockpit they are situated. Car OEMs and tier 1 suppliers need deeply understand the roles and functions of each automotive electronics in cockpit concept design, according to changes in vehicle’s platform such as autonomous driving system and electric vehicle (EV). This report describes the trends of technologies and the changes of the roles and functions of automotive display and UI in each stage of changes in the vehicle’s platform, analyzing what are the key technologies to fit the roles and functions assumed in the stages. We believe it is critical for thinking cockpit system architecture for the future vehicles to consider the change element technologies of vehicle. And suppliers need to develop the cockpit architecture according to technology transition. This report focuses on the following three points to reveal the optimal cockpit design and the timing of available the next generation technologies for future vehicles.

1. Market Trend of the related cockpit electronics products
2. Internal/External Factors in automotive market, technology transition on each cockpit electronics
3. 3D and Holographic Technology for the next generation display texture

● Integrated Cockpit System Market
● Meter Cluster Market
● Center Information Display Market (Including Center Console Display)
● Head-Up Display Market
● Display Mirror (Rear View / Side Mirror) Market
● Passenger Display Market (Including Rear Seat Entertainment)
I. Summary
  1. Executive Summary
  2. Scenarios of Long-term Trend of Integrated Cockpit Systems (ICS)
  3. Revenue Trend in All Cockpit Electronics
  4. Market Entrants in All Cockpit Electronics by Product
  5. Optimum Cockpit Design for Vehicle Format in the Future, 3D and Holographic Display for Automotive Use
II. Related Products for Cockpit Electronics Market Update
  1. The Related Products for Cockpit Electronics Market Update Summary
  2. Each Electronics Product Market Overview
    2.1. Meter Cluster Market
      2.1.1. All Meter Clusters Market (Volume and Revenue Basis) : 2015-2025e
      2.1.1. Volume Trend by Meter Type (Analog/Hybrid/Graphic)
      2.1.2. Display Technologies Trend in Graphic Meter Cluster Market
      2.1.3. Volume Trend in Meter Cluster Market by Display Size
      2.1.4. Volume Trend in Hybrid/Graphic Meter Market by Segment
      2.1.5. Supply Chain Matrix in Meter Cluster Market
      2.1.6. Maker Share by Meter Cluster Type (2016-2018e)
      2.1.7. Cost Structure by Meter Cluster Type
      2.1.8. Expansion Factors and Challenges by Display Technology (OLED/QD/Micro LED/Others)
    2.2. Center Information Display Market (CID)
      2.2.1. Market Forecast in CIDs Market Update (Volume and Revenue Basis) : 2015-2025e
      2.2.2. Volume Trend by CID Type (Car Navigation/Display Audio)
      2.2.3. Maker Share in CID Market (2016-2018e)
      2.2.4. Average Sales Price Trend (2015-2025e) by CID Type
      2.2.5. Topical Theme in CID Market
    2.3. Head-Up Display Market
      2.3.1. Market Forecast in All HUDs Market Update (Volume and Revenue Basis) : 2015-2025e
      2.3.2. Volume Trend by HUD Type (Windshield/Combiner) : 2015-2025e
      2.3.3. Maker Share in HUD Market (2016-2018e) by HUD Type
      2.3.4. Average Sales Price Trend (2015-2025e)
      2.3.5. Core Technologies for AR-HUD and the Period of AR-HUD Expanding and Back Ground
    2.4. Automotive UI Technology (Touch Panel/Voice Recognition/Gesture Control/Haptics Feedback/Others)
      2.4.1. Volume Trend by Input Technology : 2015-2025e
      2.4.2. Input Technologies Combination in Existing Use for Car
      2.4.3. The Latest UI Technologies Trend by Installation Place
    2.5. Other Electronics (*Common Research Items in This Category)
      2.5.1. Electric Mirror Displays (Rear View/Side View)
      2.5.2. Center Console Display
      2.5.3. Passenger Display (Including Rear Seat Entertainment)
III. Internal/External Factors for Integrated Cockpit Systems
  1. Individual Data by Car OEMs and Major Tier-1 Supplier
  2. External Factors of Human Machine Interface (HMI)
    2.1. NCAP
    2.2. Regulations by Region (ECE, FMVSS, Others)
    2.3. HMI and Driver Distraction Guidelines
IV. Topical Theme in Automotive Cockpit Electronics and Displays 2018-2019
  1. The Best Cockpit Architecture for Tomorrow’s Car
  2. 3D and Holographic Display for Automotive Use
V. Cockpit Design and Model List of Cockpit Electronics
  1. 2017-2018 Advanced Cockpit Concept in Major Motor Shows (IAA, Geneva, NAIAS, TMS, Auto Shanghai)
  2. Epoch Making for Cockpit Design in New Vehicles (2017 and Early 2018)
  3. Model List by Cockpit Electronics Product