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Y2018 5G Market Analysis in Automotive

Pub Date Jan. 2019
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This Report will focus on 5G cellular communication in Automive industry, and examine application secnarios by analyzing Infrastructures, Operators, OEM and Tier1s approaches towards 5G communication.

Keyword: Connected Car, 5G, C-V2X, Autonomous Vehicle, Remote Drive, Infotainment, TCU
    Summary1: Applications for 5G in Automotive 
    Summary 2: 5G Market Overview in Automotive
    Summary 3: OEMs 5G Approach
1. 5G / Automotive 5G Overview
    1-1. 5G Specification and Standardization
        (1) 5G and LTE Specification
        (2) LTE and 5G DL/UL Communication Speed
        (3) NSA-NR and SA-NR
        (4) 5G Characteristics and Application
    1-2. 5G Roadmap
        (1) Roadmap for Standardzation
        (2) 5G Deployment by Area
    1-3. 5G Approach by Country
        (1) Frequency by Country
        (2) European 5G Approach
        (3) US/Asia 5G Approach
        Reference: China 5G Approach by Operator/City
        (4) 5G Deployment by Operators
    1-4. Automotive 5G Overview
        (1) 5G and Automotive Usecase
        (2) 5GAA
        (3) V2X Technology Comparison
2. Automotive 5G Market Trend
    2-1. Automotive 5G Market Overview
        (1) 5G TCU Market Volume and Revenue
        (2) 5G Market Outlook by Area
    2-2. OEM Embedded Telematics Market Trend by Type
        (1) Market Overview
        Data: Marlet Data by TCU Type
        (2) 5G TCU Market Trend
        (3) LTE TCU Market Trend
        (4) 2G/3G TCU Market Trend
    2-3. Market Trend by Area
        US/ EU
        JP/ CN
        Data by Area
    2-4. Automotive 5G Technology Trend
        (1) Installation Position of 5G Antenna and TCU
        (2) 5G Chip Vendors and Specification
        (3) TCU Cost simulation
        (4) Comparison of Milliwave/Sub 6GHz Antenna
        (5) NAD Cost Trend
        Data: NAD Price Trends by Type
        (6) Potential of Non-Equipped NAD
3. 5G Applications Analysis
    3-1. Utilzation for In-Vehicle Communication
    3-2. C-V2X
        (1) Overview
        (2) Verification Test/Demonstration
        (3) V2X Applications
        (4)Definitions of V2X Application
        (5) V2X Technoloy Comparison
        (6) 5G CV2X Timeline
        (7) 5GAA
        (8) V2X Approachby Area
    3-3 Infotainment
    3-4. HD Map
        HD Map Provider List
    3-5. Remote Drive for Autonomous Vehicle
        (1) Overview
        (2) Solution Vendors
        (3) Legitimation Approach
    3-6. VerificartionTest/Demonstration List
4. Automotive 5G Vendors Analysis
    4-1. Automotive 5G Approach
        (1) Mobile Operators
        (2) OEMs
        (3) Tier 1
        (4) Chip Vendors
    4-2. Automotive 5G market Analysis
        (1) 5G TCU Ratio by OEM
        (2) TCU Ratio by OEM
        (3) TCU Ratio by Area
        Comments by Area
        (4) LTE/5G Roadmap of Major OEMs
        (5)V2X Roadmap of Major OEMs
    4-3. OEMs Connected Service Approach
        (1) Connected Service aned Data Utilization
        (2) Connected Service Approach
        (3) Mobility Service Approach
    4-4. Automotive 5G Market Analysis
        (1) Y2023F 5G OEM Market Share
        (2) Y2023F 5G Tier 1 Market Share
    4-5. TCU Supply Chain Analysis
        Appendix: Mobile Phone Market Share (5G, Area)