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2019 Cellular RF Front End Module & Component Market

Pub Date Feb. 2020
Size & Pages A4 :114 Pages
US$4,000 (English Ver./ including PDF report and Excel data)
This report covers RF front end modules for cellular phone/ smartphone. We forecast and analysis smartphone market from RF point of view, modeling RF front end composition, modular/integration trend, RF front end module industry and supplier trend.
1. Summary
    1.1. RF Front End Market Summary
    1.2. 5G RF Front End Composition Summary
    1.3. Cellular Spectrum Band Summary
    1.4. Smartphone Market Forecast by Standard
    1.5. 5G Market Breakdown
    1.6. RF Front End Module Adoption Rate
    1.7. RF Front End Module Market Forecast
    1.8. 5G RF Front End Supply Chain
    1.9. Market Share Position of RFFE Module Vendor
2. Standard & Radio Band
    2.1. Cellular Standard Roadmap
    2.2. 3GPP/5G NR Band List
    2.3. Cellular Band by Area
    2.4. 5G Deployment by Area/Major Operator
3. Mobile Phone Market
    3.1. Mobile Phone Market Forecast
        3.1.1. Smartphone and Feature Phone Market Forecast
        3.1.2. Mobile Phone Market Forecast by Area
        3.1.3. Mobile Phone Market Forecast by Cellular Standard
        3.1.4. Smartphone Market Forecast by Cellular Standard
        3.1.5. LTE/5G Smartphone Market Breakdown by Category
        3.1.6. Smartphone Market Breakdown by Price Band
        3.1.7. Feature Phone Market Breakdown
        3.1.8. Mobile Phone Market Forecast Breakdown by Device Type/ Area / Cellular Standard
    3.2. 5G Smartphone Market Breakdown
        3.2.1. 5G Smartphone Market Forecast by Area/ Sub-6GHz and mmWave
        3.2.2. China 5G Smartphone Market Forecast ? Quarterly
        3.2.3. 5G Smartphone Price Trend
        3.2.4. 5G Smartphone Chipset Roadmap
        3.2.5. 5G Smartphone Market Breakdown by Price Band
        3.2.6. 5G Smartphone Market Breakdown by Spectrum Band
        3.2.7. 5G Uplink MIMO Smartphone Market Forecast
    3.3. Mobile Phone Market Share
        3.3.1. Mobile Phone Market Share Forecast
        3.3.2. Smartphone Market Share Forecast
        3.3.3. 5G Smartphone Market Share Forecast by Area
        3.3.4. Mobile Phone/Smartphone OEM Shipment Trend by Cellular Standard
        3.3.5. 5G iPhone Shipment Forecast
4. RF Front End Trend
    4.1. List of RF Front End Supplier
    4.2. RF Front End Module and Component Portfolio
    4.3. RF Front End Composition Trend
        4.3.1. High end
        4.3.2. Mid-High/ Mid end
        4.3.3. FEMiD Solution
        4.3.4. Low end LTE
    4.4. RF Front End Solution of Major Platform
    4.5. Supply Matrix
    4.6. RFFE Module Adoption Rate by Major Smartphone OEM
    4.7. RF Front End Module Market Forecast
        4.7.1. Smartphone Shipment Breakdown by RF Front End Solution
        4.7.2. Smartphone RF Front End Module Market Forecast
    4.8. RF Front End Module Market Share
        4.8.1. RF Transceiver IC/Modem
        4.8.2. 5G mmWave Antenna Module (AiP: Antenna in Package)
        4.8.3. PA Module
        4.8.4. Diversity Receive Module
        4.8.5. FEMiD
        4.8.6. Major Suppliers of Discrete Components
    4.9. RF Front End Module Vendor Trend
    4.10. RF Front End Component Price Forecast
    4.11. M&A History
    4.12. Integration Trend of RF Front End Module
    4.13. Composition of mmWave 5G Module
    4.14. RF Front End Change in 5G
    4.15. Process Technology
    4.16. RF Front End Module List