2016 edition, LIB Market Analysis on China

Pub Date Nov. 2016
Size & Pages A4 :154 Pages
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The report, "2016 LIB Project, LIB Market Analysis on China" intends to clarify Chinese Li-ion battery cell and materials, which are said to be hundreds of makers. The report clarifies the surrounding market environment changes and to comprehend the overall market, as well as the major makers' current situations. 
By comprehending the current Chinese Li-ion battery market in detail, the report aims to serve as a benchmark for series of decision makings in a LIB material-related company, including in sales, development, and investment strategies. 

The report is an annual based report for 2016 edition in LIB Project. 
Although the report enables the readers to comprehend the Chinese Li-ion battery market, combined use of "LIB Material Market Analysis," "LIB Market Analysis," and "Marketing Analysis of LIB for Automotive" will further help to understand the market environment in wider and deeper scopes.
I. On Analysis
    1. Definitions of LIB Market in this Report
    2. Major Remarks on Chinese LIB Makers
    3. How BIG is the Chinese LIB Market?
    4. Major Chinese Players of Small LIB and Automotive LIB
    5. Major Remarks on Chinese Material Makers
    6. On Cathode Market
    7. On Anode Market
    8. On Separator Market
    9. On Electrolyte Market
    Appendix: Overall LIB Market Size by MWh   
II On LIB Market 
    Major Chinese LIB Makers Shipment Volume (by type, by application)
    Major Chinese LIB Makers Production Capacity
    China xEV Market (passenger cars and buses)
    xEV Policies by the Government 
III On LIB Material Market
    On Cathode
    On Anode
    On Separator
    On Electrolyte
    On LiPF6
IV. Face Sheet of Major LIB and Material Makers
    Major small size LIB makers
    Major large size LIB makers
    Major cathode makers
    Major anode makers
    Major separator makers
    Major electrolyte makers