2018 edition, Small Format LIB Market Analysis

Pub Date Feb. 2019
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The report, "2018 edition, Small Format LIB Market Analysis" intends to clarify overall LIB market trend through tracing major application markets, such as mobile phone, note PC, and power tools.

 Through analyzing detail accounts of the current situations, then to estimate the future trend up to 2023, the report intends to support the respective companies in building sales strategy, development strategy, investment strategy, and business management.
  This report is an annual report of LIB project for 2018 edition. 
  While the reader of this report will be able to comprehend the overall LIB market, above shown reports will further support the readers to comprehend the market!
I. On Summary
    Small Format LIB Market Trend (LIB Cell Shipment Basis)  
    Small Format LIB Market Trend (LIB MWh Shipment Basis)  
    Changing Balance of Power between Japan, Korea, and China  
    LIB Maker Positioning Map  
    Positioning Map by Capacity
    ~ Preface ~   
II. On Market
    2-1. Market Trend (by Type, 2017-2023F)   
    2-2-1. Market Trend (by Major Applications, 2017-2023F)
    2-2-2. Market Trend (by Application, 2017-2023F)
    2-3-1. Maker Share (2017-2019F)   
    2-3-2. Maker Share by Type(2017)  
    2-3-3. Maker Share by Type (2018E)
    2-4. Market Trend by Maker (Quarterly Basis)  
    2-5-1. LIB × Application, Supply Matrix (2017)  
    2-5-2. LIB × Application, Supply Matrix (2018E)  
    2-6-1. Market Trend by Capacity (by Major Applications in MWh, 2017-2023F) 
    2-6-2. Market Trend by Capacity (by Application in MWh, 2017-2023F)
    2-7. Marker Share by Capacity (MWh, 2017-2019F)   
    2-8. Market Trend by Revenue (by Type, 2017-2023F) 
    2-9-1. Market Trend by Revenue (by Major Application, 2017-2023F)
    2-9-2. Market Trend by Revenue (by Application, 2017-2023F)
    2-10. Comment & Analysis  
    Appendix: Production Capactiy Trend (Quarterly Basis)  
    Data Sheet 1. LIB Market Trend by Application & Cell Type (2017-2023F) 
    Data Sheet 2. LIB Supply Matrix in 2017  
    Data Sheet 3. LIB Supply Matrix in 2018E  
III. On Analysis of Maker Trends
    3-1. LIB Maker Positioning Map  
    3-2. Positioning Map by Capacity
    3-3. Changing Balance of Power between Japan, Korea, and China  
    3-4. LIB Makers' Status by Major Applications  
    3-5. Trend and Future Development of Each LIB Maker  
    3-6. Maker Face Sheet 
        No.1: Panasonic Corporation
        No.2: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
        No.3: Maxell Ltd.,   
        No.4: Samsung SDI Co., Ltd.  
        No.5: LG Chem  
        No.6: BYD Company Limited  
        No.7: Tianjin Lishen Battery Joint-Stock Co., Ltd.   
        No.8: Amperex Technology Limited (ATL)  
        No.9: China BAK Battery, Inc.  
        No.10: Zhuhai Coslight Battery Co., Ltd.
IV. On Application
    4-1. Summary
        4-1-1. LIB Supply Map   
        4-1-2. What Applications Should We Target!?
    4-2. Note PC
        4-2-1. Market Trend (2017-2023F)
        4-2-2. Maker Share (2017-2019F)
        4-2-3. LIB Trend for Note PC (2017-2023F)
        4-2-4. Trend by Capacity (2017-2023F)
        4-2-5. LIB Maker Share in Note PC (2017-2019F)  
        4-2-6. LIB × Note PC Supply Matrix (2017, 2018E)
        4-2-7. Product List  
    4-3. Tablet 
       4-3-1. Market Trend (2017-2023F)  
        4-3-2. Maker Share (2017-2019F)
        4-3-3. LIB Trend for Tablet (2017-2023F)
        4-3-4. LIB Maker Share in Tablet (2017-2019F)   
        4-3-5. LIB × Tablet Supply Matrix (2017, 2018E)  
        4-3-6. Product List  
    4-4. Cellular Phone
       4-4-1. Market Trend (2017-2023F)
        4-4-2. Maker Share (2017-2019F)   
        4-4-3. LIB Trend for Cellular Phone (2017-2023F)
        4-4-4. LIB Maker Share in Cellular Phone (2017-2019F)  
        4-4-5. LIB × Cellular Phone Supply Matrix (2017, 2018E)  
        4-4-6. Smart Phone and Battery Capacity
        4-4-7. Product List
    4-5. Portable Game/Peripherals
        4-5-1. Market Trend (2017-2023F)  
        4-5-2. LIB Trend for Portable Game/Peripherals (2017-2023F)
        4-5-3. LIB Maker Share in Portable Game/Peripherals (2017-2019F)
        4-5-4. LIB×Portable Game/Peripherals Supply Matrix (2017, 2018E)
        4-5-5. Prodcut List  
    4-6. DSC
        4-6-1. Market Trend (2017-2023F)    
        4-6-2. Maker Share (2017-2019F)   
        4-6-3. LIB Trend for DSC (2017-2023F)  
        4-6-4. LIB Maker Share in DSC (2017-2019F)  
        4-6-5. LIB × DSC Supply Matrix (2017, 2018E)
    4-7. Power Tools
       4-7-1. Market Trend (2017-2023F)   
        4-7-2. Maker Share (2017-2019F)  
        4-7-3. Breakdown of Power Tools Market by Type (CY2018 basis)  
        4-7-4. LIB Trend for Power Tools (2017-2023F)  
        4-7-5. LIB Maker Share in Power Tools (2017-2019F)
        4-7-6. LIB×Power Tools Supply Matrix  (2017, 2018E)
        4-7-7. LIB x Gardening Tools Supply Matrix  (2018E)
        4-7-8.  Power Tools Product List (Pack)
        4-7-9.  Garden Tools Product List (Pack)
    4-8. E-Bicycle/E-Bike (Pedelec, E-Assisted, China Bike, China Scooter, others)
       4-8-1. Market Trend (2017-2023F)   
        4-8-2. Maker Share (Pedelec、E-Assisted) (2017-2019F)
        4-8-3. Maker Share (China Bike) (2017-2019F)
        4-8-4. LIB Trend for e-bicycle/e-bike (2017-2023F)
        4-8-5. LIB Maker Share in E-Bicycle/E-Bike (2017-2019F)
        4-8-6. LIB× E-Bicycle/E-Bike Supply Matrix (2017, 2018E)   
        4-8-7. (Reference) LIB Market Trend of China E-Bike (2017-2023F)
        4-8-8. (Reference) Overview of the China E-Bike
        4-8-9. Product List
    4-9. Cleaner
        4-9-1. Market Trend (2017-2023F)  
        4-9-2. LIB Trend for Cleaner (2017-2023F)
        4-9-3. LIB Maker Share in Cleaner (2017-2019F)
        4-9-4. LIB×Cleaner Supply Matrix (2017, 2018E)
        4-9-5. Product List  
    4-10. Shaver/Toothbrush
        4-10-1. Market Trend (2017-2023F)   
        4-10-2. LIB Trend for Shaver/Toothbrush (2017-2023F)   
        4-10-3. LIB Maker Share in Shaver/Toothbrush (2017, 2018E)
        4-10-4. LIB×Shaver/Toothbrush Supply Matrix (2017, 2018E) 
V. Appendix
    Appendix. Tesla  
    Appendix. E-Cigarette, Others