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Head Up Display Market Research 2017

Pub Date Jul. 2017
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Head-Up Display market is continuously growing in volume on the ground of its utilization in automotive. Recently it has achieved a double digit growth and it’s expected to continue in the following years. And each HUD maker need to work the next generation HUD for further sophistication of display contents and methods to safety driving assistance. However, there are some challenges for spread the next generation HUD. The makers address in order to pursue further growth of the market. Therefore, the makers are now looking for what core technologies is necessary and identifying what the problems to be solved.

This report focuses on the following three points to reveal the factors encouraging the development of HUD market. 
  1. Detailed Analysis on Long-Term Market of HUD
  2. Relationship Usage of HUD and External Factors 
     (Ex. Autonomous Driving, Integrated Cockpit Systems, etc.)
  3. New Functions and Technologies Necessary for the Next Generation HUD
I. Summary
    1. Executive Summary
    2. Propagation Scenario of Head-Up Display Market
    3. Timeline Chart of HUD Upgrading
    4. Changing Points in Long Term Forecast of HUD Market
    5. Market Entrants for Head-Up Display (HUD Makers and Key Components Makers)
II. Head-Up Display Market Overview
    1. HUD Market Overview
    2. HUD Market Breakdown (Screen Type/Segment/Region/Channel/Others)
    3. Technological Transition of HUD Market
    4. Trend of HUD Specification
    5. Feasibility of the Next Generation HUD (Wide Angle HUD/AR-HUD/Others)
    6. External Environment Factors of HUD Market
    7. Unit Price Trend of HUD
III. Hot Topics of Head-Up Display Market Research 2017
    1. HUD Makers’ Approaches for the Next Generation HUD
    2. Technology Trend of Consumer Electronics Products for the Next Generation HUD
IV. Car OEMs and HUD Makers Trend
    1. Car OEMs Market
        (HUD Penetration by Car OEM /HUD Contents Layout by Flagship Model/Market Share by
         HUD Type/Others)
    2. HUD Makers Market
        (Product Line-Up/Supply Chain Matrix/Market Share by HUD Type/Others)
V. Car OEMs and Head-Up Display Makers: Maker Face Sheet
    1. Face Sheet: Major Car OEMs and Head-Up Display Makers
VI. Key Components and Peripheral Products Market
    1. Summary for Key Components Market
    2. Imager Market
    3. Light Source Market
    4. Windshield and Interlayer Market
    5. Optical Components Market (Concave Mirror, Combiner)
VII. Model List
    1. Model List of Head-Up Display