Surveillance camera/Industrial equipment and sensors

2016 Network Camera Japanese Market Research Report

Pub Date Mar. 2017
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"2016 Network Camera Marketing Research Report in Japan" focuses on network camera in surveillance camera market. This report popular feature is an analysis from the point of view of vender side and SI/Distributor.

The growth rate of network camera in 2016 is sluggish due to good shipment in 2015, but it still shows 20.6% growth rate on shipment base. The background is expansion of the demand for multi store management in shop/retail and so on. This market is expected to show high growth due to expanding the demand of government/utility for 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. In recording equipment market, cloud service is expanding for remote monitoring and multi locate management and VMS is also expanding with increase of large scale project.   

System Integrator/Distributor factual survey (21 companies) is important indicator to know actual user demands in Japan. In this year, we have interviewed about, for example, their stance for VAC and cloud service, reason to select the vendor, and sales trend. 
I. Reserch Summary
II.Japanese Market Trend of IP Monitoring/Security Solution
        <Shipment Trend>
        <Maker share>
III.Japanese Market Trend of Network Camera
    1.Market Trend of Network Camera by Professional Market/Home using Market
        <Shipment Trend>
        <Maker Share>
    2.Shipment Trend by Camera Type
        <Shipment Trend>
        <Maker Share>
    3.Shipment Trend by Resolution
        <Shipment Trend>
        <Maker Share>
    4.Shipment Trend by Distribution
        <Shipment Trend>
        <Maker Share (Shipment base)>
    5.Shipment Trend by End-user Industry
        <Shipment Trend>
        <Maker Share (Shipment base) >
    6.Trend of Major Network Camera Makers
        <Position Map of Network camera Makers from 2015 to 2016>
        No. 1 Panasonic
        No. 2 Axis
        No. 3 Canon
        No. 4 Sony
        No. 5 Hitachi
        No. 6 JVC
        No. 7 TOA
        No. 8 Mobotix
        No. 8 Mitsubishi Electric
        <Product list>
IV.System Integrator/Distributor factual survey (21 companies)
    1.Summary of Individual Date
        <List of SI/Distributor>
        <SI/VAR Positioning Map by Shipment and Growth>
        <Trend of Network Camera Sales Volume by Major Maker>
        <Maker Share of Encoder/NVR/Software>
        <Selecting Point of Network Camera>
        <Selecting Point of Each Network Camera Maker>
        <Request for Network Camera Maker>
        <Network Camera Sales Volume of End-user Industry>
        <Trend of Major End-user Industry>
        <About New Project and Replace Project>
        <About Cloud Service>
        <About Video Content Analysis>
        <About 4K Camera>
        <About Low-Priced Products such as Chinese Maker>
    2.Individual Data of SI/Distributor
        No. 1 IOC
        No. 2 SS unit
        No. 3 Elmo Solution Company
        No. 4 KLOX
        No. 5 Sound System
        No. 6 Sun Telephone
        No. 7 Jsecurity
        No. 8 SECURE
        No. 9 Security Design
        No. 12 D-glatt
        No. 13 TENPO PLANNING
        No. 14 TOSHIBA Consumer Marketing
        No. 15 Net One Systems
        No. 16 Hitachi System
        No. 17 Fuji Electric FA Components & System
        No. 18 HOCHIKI
        No. 19 Mainichi Video-Audio System
        No. 20 Marubeni Wireless Communications
        No. 21 YONEI