2018 Meter Cluster and Center Information Display Market Update

Pub Date Oct. 2018
Size & Pages 27 (Power Point and Excel Files)
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2018 Meter Cluster and CID Market Update 1,500 USD (English version Power Point and Excel Data)

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This report covers Meter Cluster and Center Information Display (CID) market. There are basically data such as recently market overview, topical themes, volume forecast, supply chain information and market share in this report. In addition, it focuses on studying the next display technologies on each market.

※ This report is a spin-off report from “Automotive Cockpit Electronics and Displays 2018-2019”. This cockpit report will be published in November 2018. Please contact us if customers require the full package version.
I. Summary
    1. Meter Cluster Market Overview
    2. Center Information Display Market Overview
II. Meter Cluster Market
    1. Definition of Meter Type
    2. All Display Meter Clusters Market (Volume and Revenue Basis) :2015-2025e
    3. Volume Trend by Meter Type (Analog / Hybrid / Graphic)
    4. Display Technology (TFT / OLED / Others) Trend in Display Meter Market
    5. Display Size Trend in Display Meter Market
    6. Display Meter Installation by Segment (Volume and Attach Rate)
    7. Supply Chain Matrix in Display Meter Market by Meter Type
    8. Maker Share in Display Meter Market (2016-2018e)
        8.1. All Display Meters
        8.2. Hybrid Meter
        8.3. Graphic Meter
    9. Unit Price Trend by Meter Type
    10. Cost Structure by Meter Type
    11. Expansion Factor and Challenges by Display Technology
III. Center Information Display (CID) Market
    1. Market Forecast in All CIDs Market (Volume and Revenue Basis) : 2015-2025e
    2. Volume Trend by CID Type (Display Audio / Car Navigation)
    3. Supply Chain Matrix in CID Market
    4. Maker Share in CID Market (2016-2018e)
    5. Unit Price Trend by CID Type
    6. Topical Theme in CID Market