2019-2020 High Precision Locator & HD Map Potentiality Analysis

Pub Date Sep. 2020
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This report covers HD Map, HD Locator, GNSS Correction Service for automated vehicles.
Research Overview 1: Market Overview
Research Overview 2: Overview of Localization Technologies
Research Overview 3: Market Trends in Localization Technology
Research Overview 4: Key Points and Challenges in Localization Technology
1. Analysis of Localization Technology Potentiality
    1-1. Overview of Localization Technology
        (1) Why Localization Needed?
        (2) Localization & SLAM Methods
        (3) Overview of Localization Technologies for Passenger Cars
    1-2. Global Standardization Framework Related to Localization
        (1) Overview of Standards
        (2) Standards for Maps (Physical Storage Format)
        (3) Regarding NDS
        (4) Regarding SENSORIS
        (5) Regarding ADASIS
        Ref: Industry structure in China
    1-3. Market Overview of Localization Technologies
        (1) Market Overview
        (2) Market Trends by Localization Technology
            Table: Market Overview of Localization Technologies
        (3) Localization Technologies by Autonomous Driving Type
        (4) Adopting Rate of Localization Technology in Autonomous Vehicles
            Ref: Automated Vehicle Market Trends
        (5) System Cost Analysis of Localization Technology
        (6) Roadmap for Localization Technology
        (7) Entry Companies List of Localization Technology
2. HD Locator Market Trends
    2-1. Product Overview of HD Locators
        (1) HD Locator Functionality
    2-2. Analyzing HD Locator System Configuration
        (1) Different Types of HD Locators
        (2) HD Locator System Analysis by Different R&D Styles
        (3) Possibility of Integrating HD Locator with Other ECUs
    2-3. HD Locator Market Analysis
        (1) HD Locator Market Overview
        (2) HD Locator Market Analysis by Product Type
    2-4. HD Locator Tier 1 Analysis
        (1) Market Share of HD Locator Tier 1s
        (2) HD Locator Tier 1 Analysis
            Continental, Bosch, Denso, Hitachi AMS, ZF, Veoneer, Melco, Aptiv, Aisin AW, Harman
        (3) HD Locator Value Chain
3. Market Trends for GNSS Correction Information Service
    3-1. Overview of GNSS Position Correction Information Service
        (1) GNSS Position Correction Service Introduction?
        (2) Major Positioning Methods Using GNSS
        (3) Characteristics by Type of Correction Information Service
        (4) List of Correction Information Services Provided by Major Entrants
        (5) Correction Information Service Challenges
    3-2. Market Analysis of Position Correction Information Service
        (1) Market Overview of the Position Correction Information Service Market
        (2) Correction Information Service Trends by Single Year Addon & Cumulative
        (3) Market Trends by Correction Information Receiving Method (NRTK/DGPS/PPP/PPP-RTK)
    3-3. Analysis of Position Correction Information Service Providers
        (1) Partnership Diagram of Position Correction Information Service Providers in Japan
        (2) Partnership Diagram of Global Position Correction Information Service Providers
        (3) Comparison of Position Correction Information Service Providers
        (4) Market Share of Position Correction Information Service Providers
        (5) Position Correction Information Service Vendors Analysis
            ALES, Point One Navigation, Qianxun SI, GPAS, Sapcorda, Trimble, Hexagon PI, Docomo, GMV, SwiftNav, Sixents, EXO (Lear)
    3-4. Other GNSS Related Topics
        (1) L2/L5 Satellites Launching Schedule
        (2) Analyzing the Position of GNSS Antennas (Current Status and Future)
4. HD Map Markets Trends
    4-1. HD Map Overview
        (1) HD Map Layers
        (2) Difference between SD Map & HD Map
        (3) Types of HD Map
        (3) Challenges for Expansion of HD Map Adoption
    4-2. HD Map Markets Trends
        (1) Market Overview
        (2) HD Map Trends by Application
        (3) Market Trends of HD Map for Urban Area and Simulations
        (4) Market Overview of HD Map for Highway
        (5) HD Map Markets Trends for Highway by Region
    4-3. Analysis of HD Map Providers
        (1) HD Map Development Status
        (2) HD Map Related Service Offer by Major Map Providers
        (3) HD Map Partnerships
        (4) HD Map Market Shares
        (5) HD Map Provider Analysis
            Ushr, TomTom, Here, DMP, NAVIS-AMS, Hyundai MnSOFT, Navinfo, AUtoNavi, Zenrin, Increment P,Wuhan Kotei, KuanDeng, Baidu, Mobileye
        (6) Emerging HD Map Suppliers for City
            GEOSAT, Lvl5 (DoorDash), Aisan, Civil Map, Carmera, DeepMap, (Velodyne), Atlatec, Mapbox,Google, EMG
    4-4 Map Vendor Value Chain Analysis
        (1) HD Map Value chain
        (2) SD Map Value chain
        (3) Relationship between Map Vendors & Sensor Data Providers
5. Analysis of Major OEM’s Localization Strategy
    5-1. Major Automobile Manufacturers' Autonomous Driving Roadmap
        (1) Roadmaps by Region
        (2) Automobile manufacturers' Localization Strategy
        Toyota, General Motors, GM Cruise, Nissan, VW group, Ford, Tesla, Renault, BMW, Volvo/Geely, Daimler, Honda, Subaru
    5-2. Demand Analysis by Automobile Manufacturers
        (1) Current Status and Future Technology Adoption Trends by Automotive Manufacturers
        (2) OEM Demand Analysis in Localization Technology
        (3) Which Maps Used in L2/L3 AD (SD ADAS Map or HD Map)
6. Hardware Pricing & Service Model Analysis
    6-1. Locator Hardware Cost Analysis by Types
    6-2. Price Analysis of Correction Information Service
        (1) Price Model Analysis for Correction Information Services for Automotive
        (2) Current price model for Non-Automotive Applications
    6-3. Analyzing HD Map Prices
        (1) HD Map Pricing Model
        (2) Prices of HD Map & Price Gap with Other Types of Map
7. Appendix
    7-1. Trends in Other Localization Technologies
        (1) Qualcomm VEPS
        (2) Drive Localization by Nvidia
        (3) Panasonic's Surround View Camera based Localization
    7-2. List of GNSS Chips and Modules
    7-3. List of IMU Chips
    7-4. Light Vehicle Sales Trends