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2017-2018 V2X & Intelligent Transport System Market Analysis

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This report analyzes the potentiality of V2X market which includes 802.11p and Cellular based V2X.  Major contents include geographic market development in major regions including US, EU, China and Japan, and market analysis of two competing technology (802.11p and C-V2X), and analysis of major car makers, tier 1 vendors, semiconductor vendors, RSU vendors, and software vendors.  The final chapter of this report is focusing on the market development of global ETC market.
1. Executive Summary
    1-1. V2X & ITS System Market Summary
    1-2. V2X Market Overview
    1-3 List of Challenges for V2X Market Expansion
    1-5. Current ETC subscriber Status
2. V2X Technology & System Overview
    2-1. V2X Technology
        (1) Overview 
        (2) V2X & On Board Unit System Architecture
        (3) V2X Standardization Architecture
        (4) Wireless Communication Specification Comparison
        (5) V2X Chipset Lineup of Major Semiconductor Vendors
    2-2. V2X Applications
        (1) V2X Applications by Types
        (2) V2X Application Definition
3. V2X Market Trends
    3-1. V2X Market Overview
        (1) V2X Market Tends by Different Scenario
        (2) Fundamentals of each Scenarios
        (3) V2X Market Trends (Volume & Revenue)
    3-2. V2X Market Trends by OBU & RSU
    3-3. Market Trends of V2X by Line Fit & After Market
        (1) Market Overview
        (2) Potentiality of Different Types of After Market Products
    3-4. V2X Market Trends by Key Technology (11p/C-V2X/Hybrid/760MHz)
        (1) Market Overview
        (2) Analysis of each Technology
    3-5. Potentiality of Cellular V2X(LTE/5G)
        (1) Standardization Roadmap of Cellular V2X
        (2) Pros & Cons of 802.11p & Cellular V2X
        (3) Feasibility of 11p & C-V2X Hybrid in Different Frequency Bands
    3-6. Potentiality of Vehicle to Pedestrian Communication
    3-7. V2X System Analysis
        (1) V2X System Configuration
        (2) System Cost Analysis of V2X & DCM Combination
        (3) V2X System Cost Analysis
        (4) V2X Price Trends
        (5) V2X Security System Architecture
4. Regional Market Development of V2X
    4-1. Regional Market Trends Overview
        Data: Regional Market Development of V2X
    4-2. V2X Regional Differences
    4-3 V2X Roadmap by each Regions
    4-4. EU V2X Market Development
        (1) Overview
        (2) EU V2X Pilot Program Overview
        (3) EU V2X Pilot Program Entry Maker List
    4-5. US V2X Market Development
        (1) Overview
        (2) US V2X Pilot Program Overview
        (3) US V2X Pilot Program Entry Maker List
    4-6. Japan V2X Market Development
        (1) Overview
    4-7. China V2X Market Development
        (1) Overview
5. V2X & ITS System Entry Maker Status
    5-1. V2X & ITS System Entry Maker List
        (1) V2X & ITS System Entry Maker Classification
        (2) Organizations by each Categories
        (3) List of V2X Related Standards Development Organizations & Parties
        (4) List of Entry Makers
    5-2. V2X Market Share
        (1) Car OEM Build-in V2X Market Share
        (2) Tier 1 Maker Market Share
        (3) Semiconductor Market Share
    5-3. Current Status & Strategy of Major Makers
        (1) Car OEM Makers Strategy
        (2) Tier 1 Makers Strategy
        (3) Module & Semiconductor Makers Strategy
        (4) Software & RSU Company Strategy
    5-4. Car OEM V2X Implementation Roadmap
    5-5. V2X Supply Chain Analysis
6. ITS Electronic Tolling Collection (ETC) System Market Trends
    6-1. Market Trends by ETC Technologies
        (1) Overview
        (2) Current Status & Forecast
        (3) Pros & Cons of each ETC Technology
    6-2. ETC Regional Subscriber Development
        (1) Overview
        (2) Current Status & Forecast
    6-3. ITS & ETC System Maker Trends
        (1) ITS & ETC System Value Chain & Entry Makers
        (2) Major ETC System Provider Status
    6-4. List of Major ETC Services
        (1) List of ETC Service in EU
        (2) List of ETC Service in Americas
        (3) List of ETC Service in Asia & Other Regions
7. Reference Data
    7-1. Global Light Vehicle Sales Trends 
        Data: Global Light Vehicle Sales Trends
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