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2016 Cellular Broadband Device & Module Market

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This market report covers non-handset cellular modem products, which includes MBB (mobile broadband) device, cellular CPE, cellular consumer devices (wearable, camera, e-reader, etc), and industrial/automotive M2M modules. From 2016 update, we also covered major unlicensed band LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) standards.

In this report, we focus into device, module and chipset industry, market trends and standards/network trends.
1. Summary
    1.1. Cellular Modem Device Market Forecast
    1.2. LTE to 5G Standard Roadmap
    1.3. Non-Handset Cellular Device Market Forecast by Application
    1.4. Non-Handset Cellular Device Market Forecast by Standard
    1.5. Cellular M2M Market Forecast
    1.6. LPWA Module Market Forecast
    1.7. Cellular Device/Module and Chipset Vendor Market Share Position
    1.8. LTE-Advanced Chip Roadmap
    1.9. LPWA Chipset Trend
2. Cellular Broadband Device
    2.1. Broadband LTE and 5G Standard
        2.1.1. Broadband LTE Standard Roadmap
        2.1.2. 3GPP Band
        2.1.3. Major LTE Band by Area
        2.1.4. Carrier Aggregation Band
        2.1.5. 5G Band and Standard
        2.1.6. LTE-Advanced Pro/ 5G Operators
    2.2. Description of Mobile Broadband Device
    2.3. Cellular Broadband Device Market Forecast
        2.3.1. by Device Type
        2.3.2. by Cellular Standard
        2.3.3. Single Mode LTE Device Market Forecast
    2.4. Mobile Broadband Device Market Forecast
        2.4.1. by Device Type
        2.4.2. by Area
        2.4.3. by Cellular Standard
        2.4.4. Single Mode LTE Device Market Forecast
        2.4.5. Cellular Data Card and Mobile Router Market Share
        2.4.6. LTE Device Shipment Volume by Vendor
        2.4.7. Cellular Data Card and Mobile Router Modem Chipset Market Share
    2.5. Cellular Tablet Market Forecast
        2.5.1. by Cellular Standard
        2.5.2. Single Mode LTE Tablet Market Forecast
        2.5.3. by Chip Solution
        2.5.4. Cellular Attach Ratio by Major Tablet Brand
        2.5.5. Cellular Tablet Modem Chip Vendor Market Share
    2.6. Cellular Notebook PC Market Forecast
        2.6.1. by Cellular Standard
        2.6.2. Single Mode LTE Notebook PC Market Forecast
        2.6.3. Cellular Notebook PC Module Vendor Market Share
        2.6.4. Cellular Notebook PC Modem Chip Vendor Market Share
    2.7. Fixed Wireless Broadband
        2.7.1. Cellular CPE Market Forecast by Area
        2.7.2. Cellular CPE Market Forecast by Standard
        2.7.3. Single Mode LTE CPE Market Forecast
        2.7.4. Cellular CPE Vendor Market Share
        2.7.5. Cellular CPE Modem Chip Vendor Market Share
    2.8. Cellular Broadband Device & Module Vendor List
    2.9. Device/Module and Chipset Supply Matrix
    2.10. Mobile Broadband Device Price Forecast
    2.11. Cellular Broadband Device Vendor Trend
        1. Gemtek
        2. Huawei
        3. LG Innotek
        4. NetGear
        5. Shanghai Tricheer
        6. TCL-Alcatel
        7. ZTE
3. M2M/LPWA and Cellular Consumer Device
    3.1. LPWA Standard
        3.1.1. Major LPWA Standards
        3.1.2. LPWA Operators
        3.1.3. LPWA Applications
    3.2. LPWA Market Forecast
    3.3. Cellular M2M Application
    3.4. Cellular M2M Business Scheme
    3.5. Cellular M2M Module Market Forecast
        3.5.1. by Vertical
        3.5.2. Transportation Market Breakdown
        3.5.3. by Cellular Standard
        3.5.4. by Area
        3.5.5. Cellular M2M Module Vendor Market Share
        3.5.6. Cellular M2M Module Vendor Shipment Volume Breakdown by Cellular Standard
        3.5.7. Cellular M2M Chipset Vendor Market Share
    3.6. Cellular M2M/LPWA Module Vendor List
    3.7. Cellular M2M Module-Chipset Supply Chain
    3.8. Cellular M2M Module Price Forecast
    3.9. Current M&A by M2M Module Vendors
    3.10. M2M Module Vendor’s Business Model
    3.11. Cellular M2M Module Vendor Trend
        1. Gemalto
        2. Huawei
        3. Kyocera
        4. LG Innotek
        5. Quectel
        6. Sierra Wireless
        7. SIMCom
        8. Telit Wireless Solution
        9. u-blox
        10. ZTE Welink
    3.12. Cellular Embedded Consumer Device
        3.12.1. Description of Cellular Consumer Devices
    3.13. Cellular Embedded Consumer Device Market Forecast
        3.13.1. by Device Type
        3.13.2. Smart Watch/Wearable
        3.13.3. Action Camera
4. Cellular Modem Chipset
    4.1. List of Major Chipset/IP Supplier
    4.2. Supply Chain
    4.3. Non-Handset Cellular Modem Chipset Vendor Market Share
    4.4. Cellular Modem Chipset Price Forecast
    4.5. LTE-Advanced Chip Roadmap
    4.6. LPWA Chipset Trend
    4.7. 5G (mmWave/cmWave) Chip Development
    4.8. Process Node Trend
    4.9. Cellular Modem Chipset Vendor Trend
        1. Altair Semiconductor
        2. GCT Semiconductor
        3. HiSilicon/Huawei
        4. Intel
        5. Marvell
        6. MediaTek
        7. Qualcomm
        8. RDA Microelectronics
        9. sequans Communications
    4.10. Cellular Modem Chipset List
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