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Integrated Cockpit Systems Market Research 2015-2016

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This report covers each product making up the integrated cockpit systems such as meter cluster market, center information display market (car navigation and display audio), head-up display market and automotive HMI market. This report analyzes the market potentiality of integrated cockpit systems and changing points by integrated cockpit system, especially in the following three key topics.
1. Overview of Integrated Cockpit Systems & Key Points
2. Integrated Cockpit System Components Market Trends
3. Automotive Input HMI Technology Evaluation & Market Forecast
I. Summary
    1. Executive Summary
    2. Definition of Integrated Cockpit Systems
    3. Summary for Volume Trend by Product
    4. Installation Ratio by Product
    5. Market Forecast of Integrated Cockpit Systems on Basis of Revenue
    6. Propagation Scenario of Integrated Cockpit Systems
II. Key Points of Studying for Integrated Cockpit Systems Market
    1. Product Configuration of Integrated Cockpit Systems
    2. The Role of Visible Information Function in Integrated Cockpit Systems by Display Product
    3. Optimum Display Product by Display Content
    4. Existing Supply Chain Matrix by Product (Car OEMs × Tier 1 Suppliers)
    5. Hot Topics on Each Display Product Market
    6. Potential Study of Integration for Cockpit Systems
III. Market Trend of Each Product for Integrated Cockpit Systems
    1. Meter Cluster Market
        1.1. Product Definition of Graphic Meter and Product Category in Meter Cluster Market
        1.2. Meter Cluster Market Overview
        1.3. Maker Share by Product Type (2014-2016e) : By Car OEM and By Tier 1 Supplier
        1.4. Price Comparison between Meter Cluster Type
        1.5. Display Contents Trend of Meter Cluster Market with External Factors
        1.6. Technology Trend in Meter Cluster Market (Display Size and Resolution)
        1.7. Key Components Market
    2. Center Information Display (CID) Market (Car Navigation and Display Audio)
        2.1. Product Category in CID Market and Typical Specification by Product Type
        2.2. Long-Term Forecast by Product Type (2012-2020e): Volume and Revenue
        2.3. Price Trend by Product Type
        2.4. Maker Share by Product Type (2014-2016e) : By Car OEM and By Tier 1 Supplier
        2.5. Configurations Trend of CID for Integrated Cockpit Systems
    3. Head-Up Display Market
        3.1. Definition and Product Category
        3.2. Long-Term Forecast by Product Type (2012-2020e) : Volume and Revenue
        3.3. Price Trend by Product Type (Direct type/Combiner Type)
        3.4. Market Share of All Head- Up Displays (2014-2016e) : By Car OEM and By Tier 1 Supplier
    4. Automotive Human Machine Interface (HMI) Market
        4.1. Technologies Map for Automotive HMI by Perception
        4.2. Product Specification Comparison of Automotive HMI
        4.3. Market Advantage Technology for Automotive HMI
        4.4. The Best Location of Automotive HMI by Display Content
        4.5. Usage Scene by the Feature of Automotive HMI Product
IV. Related External Factors for Integrated Cockpit Systems
    1. NCAP Trend
    2. The Regulations by Major Region
    3. Driver Distraction Guidelines Overview
    4. Relationship with Automotive HMI and Autonomous Driving
V. Maker Trend for Integrated Cockpit Systems Market
    1. Overview
    2. Car OEMs Side
    3. T1 Suppliers Side
    4. Face Sheet of Major Car OEMs and Major Tier 1 Suppliers
VI. Model List
    1. Installation Ratio of Related Integrated Cockpit System Products by Car OEM
    2. Model List
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