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Automotive Sensing System Market Analysis 2015

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This research is to report the current market state and the future trends of Automotive Sensing System; Sensing Camera, Milliwae Radar, Laser Radar and Ultrasonic Sensors.

Automotive Sensing System market in 2015 registered 247.2M units in volume and US$ 4.8B in revenue. In 2022, this market is estimated to have 462.8M units in volume and US$ 12.8B in revenue.

There has been a full shift from the previous ADAS trend based on the increase in View Camera to the installation of Sensing System. AEB has been covered in Euro NCAP for evaluation since 2014. The evaluation is scheduled to begin for AEB + PD in 2016 and AEB + PD which includes night-time detection in 2018. On top of those, the efforts have been made towards AEB standardization in US and various OEM makers have begun to focus on the adoption of Sensing System. Japanese Car OEMs such as Toyota and Honda have begun in earnest with the adoption. Hence, the installation of Sensing System covering lower segments has accelerated in JP market as well.

I. Summary
    1. Automotive Sensing System Market Summary
    2. Current State and Future Direction of Automotive Sensing System Market
    3. Automated Driving Market Trend Outlook
    4. Conclusion
II. Automotive Sensing System Market Condition and Future Analysis
    1. Automotive Sensing System Market Trends
    2. Automotive Sensing System Market Trends by Camera Type
    3. Current Status of Entry Maker
    4. Market Price Trends
    5. Direction and Future Issues of Sensing System Development
III. Analysis of Actual Component Market Conditions
    1. List of Entry Situations of Major Component Manufacturers: Image Sensor/Lens Module/DSP/MMIC
    2. Manufacturer Market Share and Trends of Major Manufacturers
    3. Supply Chain Matrix
    4. Current Situations and Future of Product Specifications
    5. Market Price Trends
IV. Current Situations and Future of Product Specifications
    1. Transition of Sensing System Attachment Ratio by Major Automobile Manufacturer (System Based)
    2. Status of Adopting Sensing Systems by Automobile Manufacturers
    3. Future Direction of Adoption of Sensing Systems by Major Automobile Manufacturers
    4. Data of Individual Major Automobile Manufacturers
V. Product List: List of Major Car Makers' Models with Automotive Sensing System
VI. Trends in Fringe Markets
    1. Trends of Sales of New Vehicles
    2. Outlook of In-vehicle Cameras
    3. Trends Related to Safe Driving
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