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2015 Application Processor Market

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A4 :135 Pages
US$4,500 (English Ver./Hardcopy + PDF report + Excel data table)
This market report covers application processor/SoC and OS platforms for major smart devices. The smart devices includes smart watch, smartphone, tablet, OTT box, smart TV, and car infotainment devices.

In the research, we focus to analyze the market share trend of major OS platform from big internet players, mobile processor deployments to other applications, application processor/ SoC trend by applications.

Market Forecast Period: CY2013-2020
Market Share Period: CY2014-2015
1. Summary
    1.1. Application Deployment
    1.2. Smart Device Market Forecast by Application
    1.3. Smart Device Market Forecast by OS Platform
    1.4. OS Platform Market Share by Application Segment
    1.5. “Hardware + Internet Service” Business Model
    1.6. Application Processor Portfolio and Deployment
    1.7. Application Processor Market Share Outlook
    1.8. Process Node Trend of Major Application Processor Vendor
2. Application Market
    2.1. Smart Watch
        2.1.1. OS Platform
        2.1.2. Market Forecast by OS Platform
        2.1.3. Supply Chain
        2.1.4. OEM Vendor Market Share
        2.1.5. Application Processor Vendor Market Share
    2.2. Smartphone
        2.2.1. OS Platform
        2.2.2. Market Forecast by OS Platform
        2.2.3. Google Mobile Service supporting Android Smartphone Market forecast
        2.2.4. Smartphone Market Forecast by Price Band
        2.2.5. Smartphone Market Forecast by Cellular Standard
        2.2.6. Smartphone Market Forecast by Chip Type
        2.2.7. Supply Chain
        2.2.8. OEM Vendor Market Share
        2.2.9. Application Processor Vendor Market Share
    2.3. Tablet
        2.3.1. OS Platform
        2.3.2. Market Forecast by OS Platform
        2.3.3. Android Tablet without GMS
        2.3.4. “Phablet” Market Forecast
        2.3.5. Supply Chain
        2.3.6. OEM Vendor Market Share
        2.3.7. Application Processor Vendor Market Share
    2.4. Smart TV/ OTT Box
        2.4.1. OS Platform
        2.4.2. Smart TV/OTT Box Market Forecast
        2.4.3. Smart TV Market Forecast by OS Platform
        2.4.4. Smart TV Market Forecast by Area
        2.4.5. OTT Box/Stick Market Forecast by OS Platform
        2.4.6. OTT Box Market Forecast by Area
        2.4.7. Supply Chain
        2.4.8. OEM Vendor Market Share
        2.4.9. Application Processor Vendor Market Share
    2.5. In-Vehicle Infotainment
        2.5.1. OS Platform
        2.5.2. Market Forecast by OS Platform
        2.5.3. Smartphone Mirroring Solution
        2.5.4. Smartphone Mirroring Solution Market Forecast
        2.5.5. Supply Chain
        2.5.6. Car OEM Vendor Market Share
        2.5.7. IVI Device Vendor (Tier-1) Market Share
        2.5.8. Application Processor Vendor Market Share
3. OS & SoC Platform
    3.1. Major Application Processor Vendor List
    3.2. Application Processor Feature Comparison
    3.3. Application Processor Vendor Shipment Trend
    3.4. China Smartphone and Tablet/OTT AP Shipment Trend
    3.5. Application Processor Price Trend
    3.6. OS Platform Trend
        3.6.1. Major Device Supplier by OS Platform/ Application
        3.6.2. OS Platform History
        3.6.3. Customized Android
        3.6.4. Chinese Internet Players
    3.7. Application Processor Roadmap by Applications (Features, Process Node)
        3.7.1. Smart Watch
        3.6.2. Smartphone
        3.6.3. Tablet・OTT Box
        3.6.4. Smart TV
        3.6.5. Infotainment
    3.8. IC Foundry Trend
        3.8.1. Process Node Roadmap
        3.8.2. Process Node Migration by Application
        3.8.3. Process Node by Major Application Processor Vendor
    3.9. CPU Core Trend
        3.9.1. CPU Core Roadmap
        3.9.2. CPU Core adoption by Application Processor Vendor
        3.9.3. Multi Core CPU
    3.10. Major Application Processoer List
    3.11. Major Application Processor Vendor Face Sheet
        3.11.1. Allwinner Technology
        3.11.2. AMLogic
        3.11.3. Freescale Semiconductor
        3.11.4. HiSilicon
        3.11.5. Intel
        3.11.6. MediaTek
        3.11.7. NVIDIA
        3.11.8. Qualcomm
        3.11.9. Renesas Electronics
        3.11.10. Rockchip
        3.11.11. Samsung Electronics
        3.11.12. Spreadtrum Communication
        3.11.13. Telechips
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