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Head Up Display Market Research 2014-2015

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In recent years, HUD (Head Up Display) market scale is dramatically increasing toward 2020, boosted by the positional change from an advanced value-added product to an ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistant System) product. However, the attach rate of HUD in 2013 accounted for approximately 1.6% of all cars. This is because the installation of HUD is limited to  luxury cars in many cases. Therefore, the expansion of the attach rate for the small car (under C-Segment) is necessary as an expansion factor of HUD market. On the other hand, as of the purpose of HUD usage shift from a conventional car information display and a navigation display to an ADAS product, the most effective display method of HUD to transmit information is considered from a standpoint of HMI and Driver Distraction. 

This report focuses on the following three points to reveal the factors encouraging the development of HUD market.
  1. Examination of the long term prospect in HUD Market
  2. Installation scenario and requirement of HUD for the small car (Under C-Segment)
  3. Value and positioning of HUD as seen from an Automotive HMI product
I. Summary
    1. Executive Summary
    2. Propagation Scenario of Head-Up Display Market
    3. Changing Points and Back Ground of Long Term Forecast in Head-Up Display Market
    4. Market Entrants for Head-Up Display
    5. Examination of optimum HUD system corresponding to display contents of Head-Up Display
II. Head-Up Display Market Overview
    1. Market Forecast of Head-Up Display (2012-2022e)
          - Volume and Revenue Trend
    2. Detail Analysis of Head-Up Display Market (2012-2022e)
        2.1. Market Forecast of Head-Up Display by Technology (2012-2022e)
             (By Screen Type, By Imager Type, etc.)
        2.2. Internal Factors of Head-Up Display Market (By Region, By Segment, By Channel, etc.)
    3. Head-Up Display Market Trend in Specific Region ?Focus on China Market -
    4. Marketing Analysis of New Technology HUD (Wide Angle HUD and AR HUD)
    5. External Factors of Head-Up Display Market
    6. Price Trend of Head-Up Display
    7. Cost Structure of Head-Up Display
III. Hot Topics of Head-Up Display Market Research 2014-2015
    1. Market Scenario of Head-Up Display Installation for the Small Car (Under C-Segment)
    2. Transition Display Format of Head-Up Display
IV. Maker Trend of Head-Up Display Market
    1. The Status of Efforts to Head-Up Display for Car OEMs
    2. The status of Efforts to the Products by Head-Up Display Makers (Tier 1 Suppliers)
V. Car OEMs and Head-Up Display Makers: Maker Face Sheet
    1. Face Sheet by Car OEM
    2. Face Sheet by Head-Up Display Maker
VI. Key Components and Peripheral Products Market
    1. Imager Market
    2. Light Source Market
    3. Peripheral Products Market (Windshield, Combiner, Concave Mirror, Transparent Screen)
VII. Model List
    1. Model List of Head-Up Display
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