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Marketing Analysis of Automotive Display 2014-2015

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This report aimed to bring basic data (market volume, product trend) about automotive use TFT-LCD/Touch Panel and long term directionality of the industry. The report divides positions of automotive use TFT-LCD adapted into 4 positions as Instrument Cluster, Center Information Display, Display Mirror, Rear Seat Entertainment and analyzing demand trend by position by size, resolution, LCD mode. 
1.Executive Summary
    1.1.TFT-LCD Equipped Application/Display Trend
    1.2.Market Prediction of Display Device 2013-2019CY
2.Automotive Use TFT-LCD
    2.1.TFT-LCD Equipped Application Market Outlook
    2.2.1.TFT-LCD Equipped Application Market Forecast 2013-2019CY
    2.2.2.CID Market Forecast by Region 2013-2019CY
    2.2.3.Instrument Cluster Market Forecast by Region 2013-2019CY
    2.2.4.RSE Market Forecast by Region 2013-2019CY
    2.2.5.Display Mirror Market Forecast by Region 2013-2019CY
    2.3.1.Tier1 Maker Entry Trend by Equipped Location
    2.3.2.Tier1 Maker Share of CID (Line)
    2.3.3.Tier1 Maker Share of CID (Total)
    2.3.4.Tier1 Maker Share of Instrument Cluster
    2.3.5.Tier1-Car Maker Supply Chain
    2.4.1.Market Forecast by Equipped Location by Size 2013-2019CY
    2.4.2.Market Forecast by Equipped Location by Resolution 2013-2019CY
    2.4.3.Market Forecast by Equipped Location by Size by Resolution 2013-2019CY
    2.4.4.Market Forecast by Equipped Location by Mode 2013-2019CY
    2.4.5.Requirements of European car makers
    2.4.6.High Resolution Trend of CID
    2.4.7.Revenue by Equipped Location 2013-2019CY
    2.5.1.TFT-LCD Maker Entry Trend by Equipped Location
    2.5.2.TFT-LCD Maker Share by Equipped Location
    2.5.3.TFT-LCD Maker Production Line Status (Array Process)
    2.5.4.TFT-LCD Maker Module Factory Status (Module Process)
    2.6.1.Status of Direct Business
    2.6.2.TFT Cell-Module Supply Chain
    2.6.3.TFT-LCD Module-Tier1 Maker Supply Chain
    2.7.1.Price Prediction by Size 2013-2019CY
    2.8.TFT-LCD Maker Status
3.Touch Panel Market Trend
    3.1.Touch Panel Market Outlook
    3.2.1.Market Forecast by Touch Panel Type 2013-2019CY
    3.2.2.Market Prediction by Single/Multi Touch
    3.2.3.P-Capacitive Market Prediction by Bonding Type 2013-2019CY
    3.3.Capacitive Touch Panel Adoption Status by Car Maker
    3.4.Market Share of Touch Panel
    3.5.Supply Chain of Touch Panel
    3.6.Touch Panel Price Trend
4.Car Maker Individual Data
    4.1. Toyota Motor  Corporation.
    4.2. Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
    4.3. Honda Motor Company, Limited
    4.4.BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG)
    4.5. Daimler AG
    4.6. Volkswagen AG
    4.7. General Motors Corporation
    4.8. Ford Motor Company
    4.9. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
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