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Feasibility Study of In-Vehicle Sensing System Market 2014-2015

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This research is to explore the feasibility of In-Vehicle Sensing System which are used to detect and/or monitor the driver’s state by analyzing the driver’s eye directions, head positions, physiological signals, exhaled airs, etc. In this report, three fields of In-Vehicle Sensing System below are explored.   

  1. Driver Monitoring System (Camera System)
  2. Physiological Measurement System (Heart Rate Monitoring/ Autonomic Nerve Analysis, etc.)
  3. Alcohol Detection (Alcohol Ignition Interlock)

Driver Monitoring System (DMS) is about to enter a new stage and is mainly focused in this report. One of the aim of this research is to analyze DMS’s potential role as a part of HMI (Human Machine Interface) and explore its applications for the coming years.  

Key words:
Driver Monitoring/ Driver State Sensor/ Driver Distraction Detection/ Inward Camera/ Drowsy Driver Detection/ Driver Fatigue Detection/ Physiological Measurement/ Vital Sign Monitoring/ Alcohol Detection/ IID (Ignition Interlock Device/ HMI (Human Machine Interface)
1. Summary
2. In-Vehicle Sensing System Market Overview & Forecast
3. In-Vehicle Sensing Driver Monitoring System Market Trends
4. In-Vehicle Sensing Driver Monitoring System Technology Analysis
5. In-Vehicle Sensing Driver Monitoring System Entry Maker Trends
6. Potentiality of In-Vehicle Sensing Physiological Measurement System
7. In-Vehicle Sensing Alcohol Detection System Market Trends
8. In-Vehicle Sensing System Related Laws, Governments Involvements, & Safety Ratings
9. In-Vehicle Sensing System Face Sheet Analysis
10. List of Products: In Vehicle Sensing System

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