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Center Information Display Market Research 2013-2014

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In this report, we analyzed the current situation and future market trends of Center Information Display which includes Car Navigation, Display Audio and Standard Audio products.
In recent years, the demand for Center Information Display product has been increasing, as the displays of the rear view camera video and mobile applications. Besides, the demand for Display Mirror is growing as a new category.

In this report, we cover the following three points; 

  1. Market Forecast on Car AV and Car Navigation Market
  2. Changing of Configuration and Specification of Displays, as contents change
  3. Market Possibility of Displays in Center Console

Based on the three focus that noted above, we will analyze the future trends of Center Information Display market.
I. Summary
    1. Definition and Product Category of Center Information Display (CID) Market
    2. Propagation Scenario of Center Information Display (Car AV (Standard Audio/Display Audio) / Car Navigation) 
    3. Entry Maker Map
    4. Change in the Role of CID for Integrated Cockpit Display Systems
    5. New Automotive HMI Potentiality - Feasibility of Center Console Display Market
II. Market Breakdown of Center Information Display (CID) Market
    1. Market Forecast of All CIDs Market (CY12-CY20F): Volume and Revenue base
    2. CID Market Breakdown (CY12-CY20F): Volume Trend by Product Type
        2.1. By Product Type (Car AV / Car Navigation)
        2.2. By Media Type (CD / DVD/ Blu-ray / Mechaless / HDD / Flash)
        2.3. By Region (EU / US / JP / CH / ROW)
        2.4. By Channel (OEM / After Market)
    3. Unit Price Trend of CID (CY12-CY20F)
        3.1. By Product Type (Car AV / Car Navigation)
        3.2. Car AV Price by Media
        3.3. Car Navigation Price by Media
    4. Car AV Market
        4.1. Volume Trend by Type (Standard Audio / Display Audio)
        4.2. Display Audio Market Trend by Region
        4.3. Display Audio Makers Trend
    5. Car Navigation Market
        5-1. Volume Trend by Media Type (CY12-CY20F)
        5-2. Car Navigation Maker Trend
        5-3. Shipment Volume Trend by Car Navigation Makers and Product Type
    6. BOM Cost of Center Information Display
        6-1. BOM Cost by Products (CY14)
        6-2. Car Navigation / Display Audio Cost Analysis by Similar Specs
III. Hot Topics of Center Information Display Market
    1. Market Position of Center Information Display (CID) for Integrated Cockpit Systems
    2. Relationship between In-Vehicle HMI (Human Machine Interface ) for Integrated Cockpit Systems
IV. Market Trend of CID Market
    1. Infotainment Service Map by Car OEM  
    2. Supply Chain Matrix
    3. Tier1 Maker Market 
    4. Face Sheet of Major Car OEMs and Tier1 Makers+
V. Key Components Market
    1. Mechanism Market
        1-1. Volume and Revenue Trend of Mechanism Market by Product Type (CY11-CY20F)
    2. Unit Price Trend by Product (CY12-CY20F) 
    3. Market Trend of Mechanism Market (CY12-CY13) 
    4. Supply Chain matrix (Mechanism Makers × Tier1 Makers)
VI. Model List
    1. Summary
    2. Model List by Car OEM
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