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Y2015 Blu-ray Player/Recorder Market Analysis
- Current Blu-ray Market Status, and Potential of Next Generation Standard -

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A4 :70 Pages
US$4,000 (English Ver./Hardcopy) 
This report analyzes the key trends of worldwide Blu-ray Market through Y2018.

Y2014 Blu-ray Market reached 24,280K Units, decreasing by 8.4% YonY, and this erosion would maintain even though new standard will appear. However, Next Generation would bring a sense of expectancy for Tier 1 makers. This report will examine the scenario of Next Generation Blu-ray to understand the whole picture of Blu-ray market. 
Outline of Next Generation Blu-ray
    Market Status of Consumer Blu-ray (1)
    Market Status of Consumer Blu-ray (2)
    TTL Blu-ray Maker Share
    Next generation Blu-ray Trend
    Feasibility Study of Next Generation Blu-ray
Blu-ray Player Market Data
    Market Status of Blu-ray Player
    By Type (Std. vs Portable vs HT)
    By Area
    Maker Share
Blu-ray Recorder Market Data
    Market Status of Blu-ray Recorder
    By Area
    Maker Share
Data: Volume
Data: Revenue
Area Trend
    (1) US Market
    (2) EU Market
    (3) Japan Market
    (4) China Market
    (5) ROW Market
    Data by Area
Fewasibility Study of Next Generation Blu-ray
    Outlook:4K Upscale / Native Blu-ray
    Next Generation Blu-ray Player
    Next Generation Blu-ray Player Scenario
    Player Makers Approach
    Next Generation Blu-ray Recorder
    Next Generation Blu-ray Recorder
    Recorder Makers Approach
Price Trend
    Blu-ray Player Price Trend
    Blu-ray Recorder Price Trend
    Appendix: 3.5” HDD Price Trend
Main Components 
    Supply Chain Matrix  
    OEM matrix  
    SoC Maker Share
    Player Makers
        (1) Sony
        (2) Samsung 
        (3) Sony
        (4) LG
        (5) Panasonic
        (6) Funai
        (7) Tonly
    Recorder Makers
        (1) Panasonic
        (2) Sony
        (3) Sharp
        (4) Toshiba
    SoC Makers
        (1) MediaTek
        (2) Panasonic
        (3) Renesas
    Product Lists 
        Player List
        Recorder List
        Game Console Market Trend By Format
        Game Console Market Data
odd US$4,000