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CY2014-2015 Wearable Sensing Device Market Analysis

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This report analyzes the key trends of worldwide Wearable Sensing Device Market through Y2020 (Wristband, Watch, Clip, HMD and the others) including market, application Portfolio and R&D Trend. 

Y2014 Wearable Sensing Device market reached 32.3Mln Units increasing by 76% in YonY, and the revenue was 2095Mln$ increasing by 48%. The expansion would still maintain in Y2015 achieving as much as 59Mln Units(83% increase in YonY), and the revenue would increase to 4,832Mln$. The growth was contributed by 2 factors, one is hardware aspect and the other is application aspect. For hardware aspect, cost down, sensor diversification, quality of sensor and its algorithm has contributed to its growth. For application aspects, network and storage service, platform vendors are eager to establish the business. Therefore, unlike the past, it is necessary to understand total market picture from service, software to hardware which is quite difficult tasks to enter this market. This report will examine the scenario of wearable sensing device market, entry makers, application and R&D trend to understand the whole picture of wearable sensing device market. 
I. Summary
II. Current and Prospect of Wearable Sensing Device Market Status 
    1. Wearable Sensing Device Market Outlook
    2. Wearable Sensing Device Market Trend By Type
    3. Application Analysis of Wearable Sensing Device
III. Wearable Sensing Device Entry Maker Trend
    1. Entry Maker Trend
    2. Entry Maker of Supply Chain Matrix
    3. Entry Barrier and Market issue
IV. Main Components Market Analysis
    1. Components Outlook 
    2. Components Trend
V. Wearable Sensing Device R&D Trend
    1. R&D Trend
    2. R&D Issue of Components
    3. R&D Trend by Wearable Device Type
    4. R&D Outlook
VI. Maker Individual Sheet
VII. Product Lists 
VIII. Appendix
    1. Wireless Power Tx Market Trend
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