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Key Devices for Projection Displays Y2013-Y2014

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This report will focus on front projector market (LED Light source pico/Pocket projectors are not included), and clarify its key components supply chains.

Although Front Projector market had been expected to grow for 5% in Y2013 at the beginning of the year, result of Y2013 did not achieve the increasing ratio. This is caused by slow down of the market demand, especially in the ROW. In other words, growth in the ROW can not cover the decrease of the advanced countries. Again, it is no more profitable from low-end models, and most makers focus on much more valuable products to earn the margin.												

I. Summary
    1. Market Outlook
    2. Projector Market Trend Forecast in Long Term
    3. Market Outlook by Application (1)
    4. Market Outlook by Application (2)
    5. Business and Education Projector Market
    6. Home Projector Market
    7. Large Venue Projector Market
    8. Digital Cinema Projector Market
    9. Solid State Light Projector Market (1)
    10. Solid State Light Projector Market (2)
        Data 1: Current Projector Market Trend
        Data 2: Volume by Application
        Data 3: Revenue by Application
II. Projector Market Trend
    1. Projector Market Trend Forecast in Long Term
        1-1. Volume base
        1-2. Revenue base
    2. Projector Market Forecast by Application
        2-1. Volume base
        2-2. Revenue base
    3. Projector Average Selling Price Trend by Application
    4. Projector Market Forecast by Panel Type
    5. Entry Manufacturers and Brands
        5-1. Manufacturers Achievement by Application
        5-2. Market Share of Projector Market
            5-2-1. by Panel Type
            5-2-2. by Manufacturer
            5-2-3. by Brand
III. Projector Market by Application
    1. Business and Education Projector Market
        1-1. Market Forecast of Business and Education Projector
            1-1-1. Volume Base
            1-1-2. Revenue base
            1-1-3. by Panel Type
            1-1-4. by Brightness
            1-1-5. by Resolution
            1-1-6. by Aspect Ratio
        1-2. Business Market
            1-2-1. Volume Base
            1-2-2. Revenue base
        1-3. Education Market
            1-3-1. Volume Base
            1-3-2. Revenue base
            1-3-3. Penetration of Educational Use
            1-3-4. Number of Schools Worldwide
        1-4. Market Share by Manufacturer
        1-5. Supply Matrix : Manufacturers and Brands
            1-5-1. 3LCD
            1-5-2. DLP
    2. Home Projector Market
        2-1. Market Forecast of Home Projector
            2-1-1. Volume Base
            2-1-2. Revenue base
            2-1-3. by Panel Type
            2-1-4. by Brightness
            2-1-5. by Resolution
            2-1-6. by Price Point
        2-2. Market Share by Manufacturer
            Reference Data : Projection TV Market
    3. Large Venue Projector Market
        3-1. Market Forecast of Large Venue Projector
            3-1-1. Volume Base
            3-1-2. Revenue base
            3-1-3. by Panel Type
            3-1-4. by Brightness
            3-1-5. by Resolution
        3-2. Market Share by Manufacturer
    4. Digital Cinema Projector Market
        4-1. Market Forecast of Digital Cinema Projector
            4-1-1. Volume Base
            4-1-2. Revenue base
            4-1-3. by Panel Type
            4-1-4. by Brightness
            4-1-5. by Resolution
        4-2. Market Share by Manufacturer
IV. Product Trend
    1. Short Throw Projector Market
        1-1. Outlook of Short Throw Projector Market
            1-1-1. Definition
            1-1-2. Entry Manufacturers and Key Component Suppliers
        1-2. Market Forecast of Short Throw Projector
            1-2-1. by Product Type : Lens / Mirror
            1-2-2. by Panel Type
            1-2-3. by Sales Type
        1-3. Market Share by Manufacturer
            1-3-1. Lens Type
            1-3-2. Mirror Type
    2. Solid State Light Projector Market
        2-1. Outlook of Solid State Light Projector Market
            2-1-1. Definition
        2-2. Market Forecast of Solid State Light Projector
            2-2-1. by Product Type : All Laser / Hybrid
            2-2-2. by Panel Type
            2-2-3. by Application
        2-3. Market Share by Manufacturer
        2-4. Advantages/Disadvantages for Solid State Light Projector
        2-5. Major Specification of Solid State Light 
        2-6. Recent News
V. Key Device Market
    1. Light Valve Market
        1-1. Entry Suppliers
        1-2. Market Forecast of Light Valve
        1-3. Market Share by Supplier
        1-4. Supply Chain Matrix
        1-5. Model Line Up by Supplier
            1-5-1. Texas Instruments
            1-5-2. Epson
            1-5-3. Sony (3LCD)
            1-5-4. LCoS Suppliers
        1-6. Light Valve Price
            1-6-1. 3LCD
            1-6-2. DLP
    2. Lamp Market
        2-1. Entry Suppliers
        2-2. Market Share by Supplier
        2-3. Supply Chain Matrix
        2-4. Lamp Price (high Pressure Mercury Lamp)
            2-4-1. for 3LCD Projector
            2-4-2. for DLP Projector
    3. Projection Lens Market
        3-1. Entry Suppliers
        3-2. Projection Lens Market
            3-2-1. Market Volume of Projection Lens Market
            3-2-2. Market Share by Supplier
        3-3. Supply Chain Matrix
        3-4. Price Trend
            3-4-1. for 3LCD Projector
            3-4-2. for DLP Projector
        3-5. Optical Engine Market
            3-5-1. Market Volume of Optical Engine
            3-5-2. Market Share by Supplier
            3-5-3. Supply Chain Matrix
        3-6. Aspherical Lens/Mirror Unit for Short Throw Projector
            3-6-1. Market Volume of Aspherical Lens Unit
            3-6-2. Market Share by Supplier
            3-6-3. Supply Chain Matrix
            3-6-4. Aspherical Lens/Mirror Unit Price
VI. Product list

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