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Potential Study of Advanced Windshield Market 2013-2014

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In the current automobile market, there is required functions to automotive glazing is changing as number of eco cars increase. Eco cars such as Hybrid, EV and PHEV use electricity in addition to gasoline as driver fuel. Therefore, tomorrow's car are required to reduce electric use in vehicle interior. Besides, more tighten regulation for fuel consumption of vehicles are expected in relation to the environmental regulation. Therefore, car OEMs are considering to use the windshield to clear the fuel efficiency requirements, and they request "Advanced Windshield", which is added high functionality to conventional windshield, has been required in the market. Moreover, the demand for Head-up display market is as a driver information product is growing due to the increase number of ADAS installation, and the function of windshield changes according to this trend. TSR analyzes the future market of this function, which is defined as "Advanced Windshield" in this research.

As a consequence, this report will clarify the market possibility and usability of new windshield functions in relation to "Advanced Windshield" market by analyzing following three key points.

  1. Background of market demand for Advanced Windshield Evaluations with element technology of new functions
  2. Environmental restrictions and regulations related to Advanced Windshield
  3. Long term forecast of Advanced Windshield market by function
  1. Summary
    1. Definition of Advanced Windshield Market
    2. Propagation Scenario of Advanced Windshield Market
    3. Install Functions for Standard Windshield, Purpose and Request Functions for Advanced Windshield
    4. Entry Makers Map
    5. Windshield Functions
  2. Potential Study of Advanced Windshield Market
    1. All Functions Market
    2. Thermal Function Market
    3. Comfort Function Market
    4. Infotainment Function Market
    5. Other Functions Market
    6. Comments from TSR
    7. Average Price Unit of Windshield
    8. Regulations and External Factors for Each Function
    9. Advanced Windshield Effects on Vehicle
  3. Market Trend of Windshield Market
    1. Supply Chain Matrix
    2. Maker Share of Windshield Market
    3. Face Sheet by Windshield Maker
  4. Maker Trend of Windshield Market
    1. Attitude to Advanced Windshield by Car OEM
    2. Car OEMs Expectation for Advanced Windshield Functions
  5. Model List
    1. Summary
    2. Model List
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