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Head Up Display Market Research 2013

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A4 : 90 Pages
JPY400,000 (Japanese Ver./Hardcopy) JPY520,000 (Japanese Ver./Hardcopy + PDF)
US$4,400 (English Ver./Hardcopy) US$5,720 (English Ver./Hardcopy + PDF)

Hence, amount of data processed within vehicle is rapidly increasing and importance of head up display (HUD) as a method of displaying information to driver has been paid more attention. HUD has advantage in shorter distance in relation to the location of projection when driver needs to glance display. Hence HUD is thought as the most suitable display for ADAS contents. European Car OEMs are increasing adoption of HUD to vehicle and the adoption is expected to increase also in North American and Japanese Car OEMS in the near future. The expansion has lead by release of HUD that utilizes projection technology of pico projector. Simple navigation information such as turn by turn has been added to the conventional speed information that displays vehicle information as sub information. For current HUD system, there are some issues to be solved. One of them is to expand the limitation of angle of current HUD to fit the contents of ADAS in the display. To solve this issue, HUD makers and Car OEM makers are developing wider angle to achieve increasing in display size. Augmented Reality (AR) is also considered as another key factor of HUD since AR can display information intuitively and let driver easier to recognize and understand ADAS information.

As a consequence, this report will clarify the market possibility and usability of new technology in relation to HUD by analyzing following three key points.

  1. Possibilities and Expansion Factors of Head Up Display Market
  2. Trend of Wider Angle in Head Up Display
  3. Market Possibility of AR Function and Issues Needed to Be Solved.
  1. Summary
    1. Executive Summary
    2. Propagation Scenario of Head Up Display Market (2011-2021e)
    3. Product Specification Trend
    4. Existing and Potential Entry Manufacturers Map
    5. New Technology and Function Trend of Head Up Display
  2. Basic Data of Head Up Display Market
    1. Market Forecast of Head Up Display Market (2011-2021e)
      • Volume and Revenue Trend
    2. Market Forecast of Head Up Display Market by Technology (2011-2021e)
      • By Screen Type , By Imager Type, By Product Type, By Channel, Others
    3. Market Situation of Head Up Display
      • By Region, By Car Segment, By Contents, By View Point, Others
    4. Market Expansion and External Factors
      • Regulations and NCAP by Region
      • Changing Role of Head Up Display for ADAS
      • Head Up Display Contents Trend
      • Market Analysis of Competitive Head Up Display Type by ADAS Application
      • Head Up Display Contents by Car Segment
    5. Price Trend of Head Up Display by Product Type
    6. Cost Structure by Product Type
  3. Hot Topics of Head Up Display Market
    1. Wide Angle HUD Market
      • Approach for Wide Angle HUD by Car OEM and HUD Maker
      • Market Possibility of Wide Angle HUD
      • Others
    2. AR HUD Market
      • New Application of AR HUD
      • Approach for AR HUD by Car OEM and HUD Maker
      • Others
  4. Market Trend of Head Up Display Market
    1. Approach for HUD Market by Car OEM
    2. Approach for HUD Market by HUD Maker
    3. Supply Chain Matrix (Car OEMs × HUD Makers)
    4. Market Share of Head Up Display Market
  5. Key Components Market
    1. Imager (LCD/VFD/LCOS/VFD/Scanning MEMS Mirror) Market
    2. Other Components Market (Combiner/Concave Mirror/Others)
      • Entry Suppliers Map
      • Market Share by Market
      • Price Trend by Imager Type , Others
  6. Model List
    1. Summary
    2. Model List
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