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Next Generation Cockpit Display Systems for Automotive 2012-2013

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Existing cockpits are mainly designed to display speed, fuel level, tachometer, and vehicle information. However, cockpits hereafter are likely to be designed to display more information including a distance between a vehicle in the front or the rear side condition of driving vehicle. As the driver has more information to catch, there is a concern that the driver's eyesight goes unstable. Therefore, there's a demand for centralizing display information at a certain position where the driver doesn't fell distracted by the display, and cockpit display system is listed as one of the solutions, by automotive manufacturers, to solve the problem. However, the existing cockpit display system only displays a limited range of information thus it can't meet the aforementioned demand.

Thus LCD etc. adopting display "Digital Cockpit (Graphic Meter)" is considered as a solution to the problem with centralizing display information.

  1. Popularization Scenario for Digital Cockpit Market
  2. Changes in Internal and External Environment Surrounding Cockpit Display System
  3. Impact on Automotive Market and Supply Chain in the Cockpit Associated Market, and Project Effects with Possibility of Digital Cockpit Market

This report reveals a standpoint of cockpit display system in potential automotive market and impact on component suppliers with possibility of digital cockpit market by the 3 viewpoints shown on the above.

  1. Summary
    1. Executive Summary
    2. Summary for Graphic Meter Market : Short Term (2011-2013e)
    3. Entry Manufacturers and Suppliers for Cockpit Market
    4. Propagation Scenario of Graphic Meter Market
    5. Contents Trend of Graphic Meter and Head Up Display
    6. Impact on New Entrants in Component Supply Market by Popularization of Graphic Meter
  2. Market Breakdown of Cockpit Market
    1. Long Term Forecast of Cockpit Market (2011-2020e)
    2. Market Forecast of Graphic Meter
    3. Market Trend of Display Contents by Cockpit System
    4. Market Share of Meter Market (2011-2013e)
    5. Price Trend of Meter Module by Type (2011-2020e)
    6. Cost Structure by Type
  3. Key Components Market
    1. Key Components Trend for Meter Market
      • 1.1. Component Structure by Meter Type
      • 1.2. Entry Suppliers Map for Meter Market
      • 1.3. Supply Matrix
      • 1.4. Map of Potential Suppliers Entering Graphic Meter Market
      • 1.5. Specification Competition by Display Type
      • 1.6. Market Share of Display for Graphic Meter Market
      • 1.7. Unit Price Trend by Display Size (2011-2020e)
      • 1.8. Impact on Key Component Suppliers by Graphic Meter Market Expansion
  4. Face Sheet of Car Makers and Meter Suppliers
    1. Approach of Graphic Meter by Car OEM Makers and Meter Suppliers
      • 1.1. Model List of Graphic Meter (Major Models by Brand)
      • 1.2. Display Contents by Car Brand
      • 1.3. Face Sheet of Car Makers
      • 1.4. Summary of Meter Suppliers
      • 1.5. Face Sheet of Meter Suppliers
  5. Reference Data
    1. Attach Ratio by Peripheral Products
    2. Peripheral Product Market
      • 2.1. Head Up Display Market
      • 2.2. Automotive Camera Market
      • 2.3. Car Navigation Market
      • 2.4. Infra Red Camera Market
      • 2.5. Automotive Market
  6. Model List
    1. Summary
      • 1.1. Meter Type by Segment
      • 1.2. By Car Group
    2. Model List
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