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Head Up Display Market Research 2011-2012 Market Research

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A4 : 81 Pages
JPY400,000 (Japanese Ver./Hardcopy) JPY520,000 (Japanese Ver./Hardcopy + PDF)
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TSR estimates that Head Up Display Market will be accelerated to grow after 2014.

There are tow factors for the growing. First, automotive safety systems would be included into criteria by EuroNCAP to earn point, and next, some regulations that strongly support those automotive safety systems to be quipped into automotives would be enacted by 2015. Also, the U.S. automotive makers will be increasing HUD adoption ratio for automotives. Thus, the HUD market will grow to about 7,000 k units which are 10 times larger than that of 2011.

In this research, possibility of adoption of Embedded and Small Projector technologies for Next Generation HUD is investigated. In future, automotive information will be connecting with Smart Phone and the information will become more multifaceted. Therefore, higher brightness, contrast and resolution are highly demanded in the market, so in order to achieve such demands, HUD makers are adopting Embedded and Small Projector (Pico Projector) technologies.

  1. Summary
    1. Research Context and Definition for Each Segment of Automotives
    2. Executive Summary
      • 1.1. Market Overview
      • 1.2. Market Expansion and Impact on HUD Market
      • 1.3. Major Segment, Major Area and HUD Maker Share
      • 1.4. Major Segment, Major Area and HUD Maker Share
      • 1.5. Market Share of Direct Type Vs. Combiner Type and Panel Share Type
      • 1.6. Panel Type Share for All Head Up Display Market and Within Projection Type
    3. Comments from TSR
  2. Head Up Display Market
    1. Long-term Forecast for Head Up Display Market (2010-2021e)
      • 1.1. Volume
      • 1.2. Revenue
    2. Long-term Forecast by Applications (2010-2021e) ~ Which is Main Application for HUD ~
    3. Long-term Forecast by Product Type (2010-2012e) ~ What is Product Type with Most Competitive Edge ~
    4. Forecast by Area (2010-2021e) ~ In Which Area is HUD Highly Demanded? ~
    5. Status of Entrants : Existing and Possible Entrants
      • 5.1. Maker Share (2010-2012e)
      • 5.2. Supply Matrix (Automotive Maker * Head Up Display Maker)
    6. Price Trend of Head Up Display (2010-2021e)
      • 6.1. Head Up Display Unit Price Trend by Type(LCD/ Scanning MEMS/ LCOS/ VFD)
  3. Factors to Expand Head Up Display Market, Requirement of Product Spec. and Possibility of New Business
    1. Expansion Factors
      • 1.1. New Applications for Head Up Display
      • 1.2. Factors to Accelerate Automotive Display to be Equipped
      • 1.3. Forecast of HUD Attach Ratio of Each Automotive Segment
        • 1.3.1 Forecast of HUD Volume by Each Segment ~ Main Stream for Each Segment ~
        • 1.3.2 Required Specification by Segments
        • 1.3.3 Which Type of HUDs is High Demanded ? by Area
      • 1.4. Possibility of After Market
    2. Specification Comparison (LCD/VFD/Scanning MEMS/LCOS/DLP)
    3. Challenges and Solution by Type (LCD/VFD/Scanning MEMS/LCOS)
    4. Impact of Projection Technology on Value Chain (Scanning MEMS/ LCOS/ DLP/ Laser)
    5. Figure of Head Up Display (Combiner Type/Direct Type)
  4. Key Devices Market
    1. Supply Matrix of Component Maker * HUD Module/Tier1 Maker
    2. List of Panel Makers in HUD Market
  1. List of Automotives that Equips Head Up Display
  2. Information Source Market Status for Head Mounted Display
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