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Key Devices for Projection Displays Market Research and Analysis

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In 2011, it is expected that the projector market to grow healthy and the education market continue to lead the projector market expansion.The projector market quantity would be expanded to respond the raising demands for education use in especially, the emerging countries. However, there are arose issues regarding decline profits due to the price reduction caused by lower budgets for projectors in the emerging countries. Here are the issues. First, projector to spread across the emerging countries would accelerate product communalization, which leads to difficulty of product differentiate for the entrants. Next, the cost reduction on the devices is no longer to be effective for the difficulty. Finally, the entrants have to respond the environmental regulation in the Europe markets. Thus, those entrants must formulate new product frameworks in order to deal with those issues. It is a time of great transformation for the projector market.

Our object is to provide helpful data for our clients to gain a better understanding of what happened in the projector market and trends going forward. In this research, actual conditions of set and device manufactures as well as their positions in the projector market are defined. Also, we investigate effect of new technologies (Short Throw and New Light Source), which are significant growing factors, on the projector market.

  1. Summary
    1. Executive Summary
    2. Comments from TSR
    3. Market Forecast for the Projector Market: Volume/Revenue (2007-2015e)
    4. Market Forecast for the Projector Market by Application (Education/Business/Home/Large Venue): Volume/Revenue (2007-2015e)
    5. Positioning of All Applications in the All Projector Market
    6. Current Situations of the Entry Makers
      • 6.1. Actual Result s in 2010 of Each Maker by Applications (Volume/Revenue)
      • 6.2. Forecast in 2011 of Each Maker by Applications (Volume/Revenue)
      • 6.3. Volume and Revenue by Applications and Maker Ranking
      • 6.4. Current Situation of New Entrants
    7. Effect of the Earthquake on the Projector Market
  2. Projector Market
    1. Market Forecast for the Education and Business Projector Segments (2009-2015e)
      • 1.1. Volume and Revenue for Education/Business Projector Segments
      • 1.2. Price Trend
      • 1.3. Transition of Education/Business Segments to correspond the Change in Demands
        • 1.3.1. Education Projector Market : Transitions in Number of School in Global、Market Forecast of Education Segment, Analyzed by the Projector Penetration Rate.
        • 1.3.2. Business Projector Segment: Market Forecast, Analyzed by GDP Growth
      • 1.4. Forecast of Attached and Penetration Ratio in the Peripheral Equipment Markets (2009-2015e)
    2. Market Transition by Product Specification (2009-2015e)
      • 2.1. By Product Type
      • 2.2. By Resolution
      • 2.3. By Brightness
    3. Current Situation of the Entrants
      • 3.1. Makers’ Market Share (2009-2011e)
    4. Other Application Segments
      • 4.1. Home Projector Segment
      • 4.2. Digital Cinema Projector Segment
      • 4.3. Large Venue Projector Segment
      • 4.4. MDDP-TVs Segment
      • 4.5. Pocket Projector Segment
      • 4.6. Embedded and Small Projector Segment
  3. The Great Transformation for the Projector Market: What is the Key Technologies for the Next-generation?
    1. Short Throw Projector Segment
      • 1.1. Definition Short Throw Projector by TSR and List of the Entrants
      • 1.2. Forecast of Short Throw Projector: Volume/Revenue (2009-2015e)
      • 1.3. Makers` Market Share (2009-2011e)
      • 1.4. Situation of Key Device Market for Short Throw Projectors
        • 1.4.1. Supply Matrix: Aspherical Lens and Aspherical Mirror Market
        • 1.4.2. Price Trend for the Key Devices
        • 1.4.3. Interactive White Board Market
      • 1.5. Factors to Expand the Short Throw Projector Segment
      • 1.6. Cost Structures by Product Type for Short Throw Projectors
      • 1.7. Effect of Short Throw Projector on the Front Projector Segment
    2. Solid State Light Projector Market
      • 2.1. A List of Entry Manufactures and Potential Entrants
      • 2.2. Forecast of Solid State Light Projector Market: Volume and Revenue (2009-2015e)
      • 2.3. Makers` Market Share (2009-2011e)
      • 2.4. Related Markets: LED and Laser
      • 2.5. Factors to Expand the Solid State Light Projector Market
      • 2.6. Cost Structures by Product Type for Solid State Light Projectors
      • 2.7. Effect of Solid State Light Projectors on the Front Projector Segment
  4. Key Devices Market
    1. Light Valve Market
    2. Lamp Market
    3. Projection Lens Market
    4. Other Optical Device Markets
  5. Product List
    1. Lists of Products by Specification
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