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Market Analysis of Large Venue Projector 2010

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In 2009, the volume and revenue of projector market has shrunk, but the projector market is expected to grow as the economic recovery starts in 2010. Currently, the education market, especially elementary school, is the biggest segment in front projector market. However, there is a strong need for price cutting because budged is often limited in the education market. Since there are incremental demands for projectors in BRICs, including China and India, the main market of Projectors will be shifted from the developed countries (Europe and the U.S.) to developing countries (BRICs). Those factors will accelerate price decline of projectors. On the other hand, projectors with high specification are highly demanded in Large Venue market, which means low price is not important factors to succeed. Therefore, manufactures who have competitiveness in technology are able to differentiate their products from that of others.

Our object is to provide helpful data for our clients to gain a better understanding of what happened in the projector industry and trends going forward.

  1. Summary
    1. Executive Summary
    2. Comments from TSR
    3. Long-term Forecast for Large Venue Projector Market : Volume/Revenue (2009-2015e)
    4. Market Share for Large Venue Projector in All Projector Market (2009-2011e)
    5. Long-term Forecast for Large Venue Projector Market by Applications (2009-2015e)
    6. Existing Entrants in Large Venue Projector Market
      • 6.1. Listing of Existing Entrants by Application
      • 6.2. Trend Share for Large Venue Projector Market (2009-2011e)
      • 6.3. Comparison of Share for Entrants in Business, Education and Home Market.
  2. Large Venue Projector Market Base Line
    1. Cinema Market
      • 1. Long-term Forecast for Cinema Projector Market: By Volume and Revenue (2009-2015e)
      • 2. Market Forecast for Projection Type(3LCD/DLP/LCOS)(2009-2015e)
      • 3. Shipping Volume Trend in the Major Countries (U.S/ E.U/ Japan/ China/ India/ Others)
      • 4. Worldwide Number of Screen Trend and Possibility of D-Cinema Projector Market to Grow
      • 5. Product Specification (Present and Future) (2009-2015e)
        • 5.1. Market Forecast of Brightness
        • 5.2. Market Forecast of Resolution
        • 5.3. Market Forecast by Price Range
      • 6. Market Share Trend of Existing Manufacturer(2009-2011e)
        • 6.1. By Total Production Volume
        • 6.2. By Panel Type (3LCD/DLP/LCOS)
        • 6.3. By Resolution
      • 7. By Area
      • 8. Cost Structure of Cinema Projector
        • 7.1. BOM Cost of Major Product Model
        • 7.2. Analysis of Profitability for Cinema, Business, and Education Projectors
    2. Professional Market / Other Large Venue Market *Materials in Common
      • 1. Long-term Forecast: Volume/Revenue (2009-2015e)
      • 2. Long-term Forecast by Projection Type (2009-2015e)
      • 3. Trend by Applications Volume/Revenue (2009-2015e)
      • 4. Future Prospect of Product Specifications (2009-2015e)
        • 4.1. Volume Trend by Brightness
        • 4.2. Volume Trend by Resolution
        • 4.3. Price Trend by Application
        • 4.4. Trend of Price Range by Application
      • 5. Market Share for Each Application (2009-2011e)
      • 6. Analysis of Profitability and Cost Simulation by Major Models in Each Application
  3. The Needed Spec. for Cinema Projectors and New/Existing Entrants' Strategies in the Growing Cinema Market
    1. The Needed Specifications in the Growing Cinema Market
      • 1.1. D-Cinema Market --SWOT Analysis of Panel Types--
      • 1.2. Advantages and Challenges for 4k Cinema Projector --Be 4k Cinema Projector to Standard ?--
      • 1.3. Impacts on Device Specification by Changes in Resolution --How the Emergence of 4k Projectors Impact on Related Device Markets--
      • 1.4. Impact of Growing D-Cinema Market --Possibility of E-Cinema Market to Grow --
      • 1.5. Key Factors for E-Cinema to Grow --Present and Future Standard Specifications in E-Cinema Market--
      • 1.6. Popular Screen Size by Regions: Present and Future --Factors to Differentiate Screen Size by Regions--
      • 1.7. Transition of Changes in Screen Size and Correlation among Cinema Projectors
    2. Strategies to Succeed for New Entrants and Manufacturers strengthening their Focuses in Large Venue Market
      • 2.1. Trend of New Entrants in to the Projector Market: By Volume and Revenue
      • 2.2. Strategic Strategy for Large Venue Projector New Entrants and Manufacturers strengthen their Focuses
      • 2.3. Competitive Type in Large Venue Projector Market
      • 2.4. Analysis of the Competitive Advantage in Large Venue Market
      • 2.5. Possibility of 3D Projector
      • 2.6. Appareling Power of Large Venue Projector
      • 2.7. Significant Point for New Entrants and Manufacturers Strengthening their Focuses in Large Venue Market
  4. Key Devices Market
    1. Projection Lens Market
    2. Xenon Lamp Market
    3. Prism Market
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