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Key Devices for Projection Displays Market Analysis

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Currently, education segment is leading the projector market, and projector unit price decline has been accelerated. This fact cased the decrease in production volume and revenue in the projector market in 2009. Therefore, manufactures are striving to create high-value added products; short throw projector, 3D and new light source (LED/Laser) in order to boost their profits.

Light source for projectors has entering to a phase of major change in the projector industry. HID lamps' harmful effect on environment is of increasing concern for consumes. HID lamps' are possible to be regulated by particular regions in future. Therefore, there is a risk for existing projector manufactures to experience a profit fall unless they move toward to adapting new light sources (LED/Laser). Thus, LED/Laser is important factors to avoid the risk and expand their business.

TSR provides a quality data for our clients. Actual positioning of Makers and device manufactures in the projector industry are going to be defined. Also, we investigate what new technology has strong potential to contribute the market growth and possibility of the new light source (LED/Laser).

  1. Summary
    1. Executive Summary
    2. Comments from TSR
    3. Current Market Conditions and Market Forecast in Projector Market Past 10 Years (2000-2009)
    4. Market Forecast in Projector Market (200-2014e) : Volume and Revenue base
      • 4.1. All Projector Market
      • 4.2. Without Embedded and Small Projector Market (2006-2014e)
    5. All Projector Market : Market Share Trend by Application (2008-2010e) : Volume and Revenue Base
      • 5.1. All Projectors Market
      • 5.2. Current Market Conditions and Market Forecast in Projector Market w/o Embedded and Small Projector
    6. Current Market Conditions and Market Volume Forecast by Technology
      • 6.1. All Projector Market
      • 6.2. Projector Market w/o Embedded and Small Projectors
    7. Entry Manufacturers
      • 7.1. Existing Players
      • 7.2. Existing Manufacturer: Market Share in All Projectors (2008-2010e)
      • 7.3. Key Points for Share Expansion in Projector Market
  2. Projector Market
    1. Education / Business Projector Market Forecast
      • 1.1. Education Projectors Market
      • 1.2. Current Market Conditions and Market Forecast for Business Projectors Market
      • 1.3. Shipping and Volume Trend of Education / Business Projectors
      • 1.4. Market Trend by Technology of Business / Education Projectors Market
      • 1.5. Market Share for Existing Manufactures
      • 1.6. Supply Matrix
    2. Future Perspective of Other Application Market
      • 2.1. Home Projector Market
      • 2.2. Large Venue Projector
      • 2.3. MDDP TVs
      • 2.4. Embedded and Small Projectors
    3. Cost Simulation of Projector by Types
  3. Change in Projector Market by New Technology and New Light Source
    1. Future Prospect of High-Value Added Projector Market
      • 1.1. Short Throw Projector Market
      • 1.2. 3D Projector Market
      • 1.3. New Light Source Projector (LED/Laser) in Projector Market
  4. Key Devices Market
    1. Light Valve Market
    2. Lamp Market
    3. Optical Engine Market
    4. Projection Lens Market
    5. Aspherical (Free Surface) Lens and Mirror Marke
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