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Embedded and Small Projector Market Research

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A4 : 88 Pages
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JPY440,000 (English Ver./Hardcopy) JPY572,000 (English Ver./Hardcopy + PDF)

Mobile phones and digital cameras with embedded projector have emerged. This emergence of new innovative products accelerates establishment of embedded and small projector market. Currently, new light sources have been under development actively, and this will contribute to expansion of the projector market, creating a great opportunity for the projector brands and device manufactures to grow. However, there are still several problems remaining for the projector brand and device manufactures. One of the problems is involved to the new light source. LED lamps are concerned just not bright sufficiently yet, and there is a security concern for Laser light sources. Furthermore, it is very important to show a potential use of the innovative products to consumers in order to create demands for small and embedded projectors.

The purpose of this research is to investigate data of small and embedded projector market, including its market size, market segments and so force. Also, we reveal problems that must be overcome in order to establish a healthy small and embedded projector market. By conducting this research, we are able to provide valuable data, which helps to develop effective strategic marketing plans and to ensure successful product developments.

  1. Executive Summary
    1. Summary
    2. Comments from TSR
    3. Embedded and Small Projector Market : Long Term Trend
    4. Volume and Revenue base
    5. Entry Manufacturers by Components Market
    6. Optical Engine Market Share of All Types
    7. Optical Engine Line Up by Product Type
    8. New Entry Makers from the Other Market
  2. Market Forecast Brakdown
    1. Market Forecast in Small Projector Market (2008-2015e)
      • 1.1. Volume and Revenue base
      • 1.2. By Imager Type
        • a. Volume base
        • b. Revenue base
      • 1.3. By Light Source
      • 1.4. Market Share in Small Projector Market (2008-2010e)
      • 1.6. By Resolution
        • a. Aspect Ratio Trend (2008-2015e)
      • 1.7. By Brightness
      • 1.8. By Price Point
        • a. Volume and Price Trend by Product Type
    2. Market Forecast in Embedded Projector Market (2008-2015e)
      • 2.1. Volume and Revenue base
      • 2.2. By Imager Type
        • a. Volume base
        • b. Revenue base
      • 2.3. By Light Source
      • 2.4. Market Forecast by Application
      • 2.5. Market Share in Embedded Projector Market (2008-2010e)
      • 2.6. By Resolution
        • a. Aspect ratio Trend(2008-2015e)
      • 2.7. By Brightness
      • 2.8. By Price Point
        • a. Volume and Price Trend by Product Type
  3. Key Factor to Expand the Market and Market Possibility by Product Types
    1. Key Factor to Expand the Market
      • 1.1. Small Projector Market
        • 1) Specification
        • 2) Unit Price
        • 3) Unit Size
      • 1.2. Embedded Projector Market
        • 1) Specification
        • 2) Market Possibility of Embedded Projector
          • a. Market Possibility by Application
        • 3) Use Scene by Application
          • a. Cell Phones Market
          • b. DSCs Market
          • c. Camcorders Market
          • d. Notebook PCs Market
          • e. Portable Games Market
          • f. Game Consoles Market
          • g. Portable Media Players Market
          • h. Other Market
    2. Market Possibility by Product Type
      • 2.1. Challenges ; LED Types and Laser Types
        • 1) LED Types
        • 2) Laser Types
      • 2.2. The Entry Possibility of Front Business Projector Manufacturers
    3. Cost Simulation by Product Type
  4. Key Components Market
    1. Comparison by Imager Type
      • 1.1. Product Line up
      • 1.2. Supply Matrix
    2. Imager Market
      • 2.1. Market Trend in Imager Market (Volume and Revenue base)
      • 2.2. Productivity and Price Trend in Imager Market
        • a. Volume base
        • b. Revenue base
        • c. Market Share Trend by Imager (2008-2011e) : Volume and Revenue base
        • d. Productivity and Price Trend
      • 2.3. Imager Maker’s Trend
    3. Light Source Market
      • 3.1. Market Trend in Light Source Market (Volume and Revenue base)
      • 3.2. Comparison by Light Source Type
        • 1) Product Line up
        • 2) Supply Matrix
        • 3) Comparing Specification : LED and Laser
        • 4) Production Trend by Light Source
      • 3.3. LEDs Market
        • 1) Entry Makers
        • 2) Productivity and Price Trend
        • 3) LEDs Maker’s Trend : Already Entry Makers and New Entry Makers
        • 4) Technology Trend in LEDs Market
      • 3.4. Lasers Market
        • 1) Entry Makers
        • 2) Productivity and Price Trend
        • 3) Lasers Maker’s Trend : SHG Green Lasers and Direct Green Lasers
  5. Product List
    1. Product Line up
    2. Product List
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