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2008 Touch Panel Device Market Overview

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The small- to medium-size touch panel market has been hovering near the bottom because the market of PDAs, which was the main application, took a dip and the number of market participants increased, causing excessive price competition. However, small- to medium-size touch panels began being employed in portable game consoles and the PND (Personal Navigation Device) market is gearing up, indicating that the tough panel market is regaining its momentum. Moreover, due to the increased the employment ratio in mobile phones, whose shipment exceeds one billion units, the small- to medium-size touch panel market has the potential to achieve significant growth.

Significant changes have been occurring in terms of technologies as well. In the past, resistive film technologies were used for touch panels of 8 inches or less, but electrostatic capacitive types, which allow "multi-touch" functions, were employed for the touch panels in mobile phones and portable audio players of 5 inches or less. This method, although not suited for pen input, has succeeded in improving the operability of devices through utilization of "multi-touch", which is not possible with resistive film methods. Electrostatic capacitive touch panels are classified as either glass sensors or film sensors. Especially, glass sensors allow the utilization of certain idle facilities owned by LCD manufacturers. LCD manufacturers are therefore entering the touch panel market in succession.

This report aim at clarifying the future trend of touch panel, basing on its application trend. Moreover, the accuracy of the data is pursued by covering technology, device / component manufacturers of touch panels.

  1. Summary
  2. Touch Panel Industry Trend
    • 1-1. Touch Panel Long Term Demand by Application
    • 1-2. Touch Panel Long Term Demand by Touch panel Type / by Applications
    • 1-3. Touch Panel Capacity of main touch panel makers
    • 1-4. Touch Panel Positioning Map
    • 1-5. Touch Panel R&D Road map
    • 1-6. Touch Panel Maker Trend
  3. Applications
    • 2-1. Mobile Phone
    • 2-2. PND
    • 2-3. Camcorder
    • 2-4. DSC
    • 2-5. Portable Game
    • 2-6. PDA1
    • 2-7. Portable Audio
    • 2-8. Note PC
    • 2-9. E-Dictionary
    • 2-10. E-Book
    • 2-11. Car navigation system
    • 2-12. Digital Photo Frame
    • 2-13. Others
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