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Techno Systems Research Co., Ltd.

About Us

Our Mission

TSR is a major marketing research company located in Japan. TSR provides market data, market analysis, and market prospect to help customer to make decisions.

TSR is based on Japan, however, our analysts cover worldwide market and research directly to the target market place.

Company Profile

COMPANY NAME Techno Systems Research Co., Ltd.
Japan Corporate Number 6010001023547
ADDRESS TSR Bldg. 7-4, Iwamoto-cho 3 chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
101-0032, Japan
PHONE: +81 3 (3851) 5651 / (3866) 4505
FAX: +81 3 (3866) 4503
CONTACT info@t-s-r.co.jp
INCORPORATED 1981 (Established in 1971)
CAPITAL (JPY) 20,000,000 (Paid-up)
BUSINESS SUBJECT A) Marketing Consultant
B) Investigation of Domestic and Foreign Documents
C) Market Research of General and Consumption Goods
D) Providing Business Information

Our Business

Customized Research Multi Client Report Periodical Report
Because TSR created the network info IT industries, TSR could do the helpful research for the clients needs. NDA is highly concerned. These reports are designed for any groups to provide indepth analysis.
It is ideal to understanding, the market structure, planning, and decision-making.
For details, please click our reports.
TSR provides making of monthly / quarterly reports. The followings are example of this:
  • HDD
  • ODD
  • LCD
  • PDP
  • NB PC
  • DSC
  • LIB